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Australian Cyber Security Centre - website launch

Back in August of 2018, the Australian Government’s cybersecurity initiative, The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), launched its new website at to provide far-reaching information to Aussies for all things cybersecurity-related.

The ACSC’s primary role has been to keep a close eye on cyber threats at a global scale 24 hours a day seven days a week and share essential information with Australians and their businesses to keep them safe online. Essentially, the website is an easy-to-use hub for everyday Australians looking to find information on cybercrime, security alerts and advice on how to protect their devices and activities online without any complex jargon.

The ACSC initiative brings together the resources and skills of Australia’s leading cyber firms such as those under the Joint Cyber Security Centres initiative and the national capabilities from the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation and the Australian Crime Commission. This makes the Cyber Security Centre by far the best resource for those looking for the most up to date and helpful guides to stay safe online.

The new ACSC website

One of the ACSC’s main roles is to raise cybersecurity awareness for Australians by providing near-real-time updates on cyber threats accompanied by information on how to steer clear of these threats.

Similar to the Stay Smart Online program, the ACSC’s website ( has countless resources and focuses on investigating cybersecurity threats, providing guides on how to report cyber incidents as well as assisting in the Australian Government fighting against cybercrime in general.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre’s website is simple to use by being divided into four main sections for Individuals, Small Business, Government and Big Business/Infrastructure. This way everyone is able to find the most relevant cybersecurity information based on the type of web user you are.

Pair Cyber Awareness with VPNs

Although the ACSC ensures businesses, and internet users in general, are aware of scams & cybersecurity issues, that doesn’t mean they’re immediately protected. If you’re wanting to stay completely shielded from cybercrime, malicious software and other severe online dangers you’ll need to make proactive decisions based around the information you receive from the ACSC.

It’s vital that as a business owner or an everyday internet user that you’re always staying up to date on the latest cybersecurity software and take advantage of all internet safety services like military-grade VPNs.

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With their double-encryption features, zero-logging policies and impenetrable DNS leak protection these services are one of the most promising for Australians looking to stay safe online. Rerouting all website traffic through one of the VPNs above will essentially scramble it into an untraceable ‘mess’ that cybercriminals will have no chance of deciphering, thereby keeping all of your data secure.

Using Certified Online Services

To make it easier for Australians to find secured platforms, data hosts and web service businesses, the Australian Signals Directorate or ASD is working in conjunction with the ACSC. The department is assessing global internet hosts and platforms and ranking them based on their security. This will mean that you’re able to determine whether you’re using a protected network or server service or not.

The ACSC recently released an updated ‘Certified Cloud Services’ list for Australian business owners and general internet users to utilise when determining whether their internet hosts are secure or not. It’s important to stay up to date with these certifications as they may change over time depending on a company’s alterations to their service.

Lastly, the ACSC’s website and its cross-department partnerships will also ensure that the website has information from multiple sources along with links to the Australian Federal Police, Defence Intelligence Organisation and the Department of Home Affairs.

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