Best VPN for Skype

best VPN services for accessing Skype

Skype is the most popular tool for making voice and video calls the world over. Skype-to-Skype calls are free. Skype-to-phone calls are extremely cheap. While people use this tool to connect to their loved ones across the world and to hold global business meetings, the problem is – Skype isn’t available in all countries.

There are countries where the authorities monitor their residents’ data and put censors on some specific services or websites. For example, you cannot use Skype in China, Syria, Egypt, UAE and Malaysia. This means if you live in any of these places, you cannot make cheap and quality phone calls to your family and friends back in Australia.

Is the situation grim?

Not really. While Skype is blocked in many countries, the good news is that you can access it by using a VPN service. A VPN will help you access not just Skype but also other blocked websites and online services. Which VPNs should you use in 2019? Here are the top three VPNs for Skype.

Express VPN

ExpressVPN service

Express VPN has apps for almost all platforms, so you can use Skype on your Android, iPhone, PC, or Mac. It offers superfast speeds which means video calling is easy and without lag. Express VPN servers are available at more than 145 locations so you can choose a server near you – this ensures faster streaming. With Express, you can connect with your loved ones without spending a lot of money.

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IP Vanish VPN service
IP Vanish VPN service

IPVanish promises lightning fast speeds, which is a great thing for video calling. There is no point in video calling with lag and buffering. IPVanish also has several apps which means you can use Skype on any platform. It offers unlimited bandwidth so you can make as many video calls as you want.

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Hide My Ass

HMA probably has the largest network of them all. They also have a proxy service, but VPNs are more reliable. It is available for all platforms, including the router. You can install HMA on your router and access the VPN services on all devices connected via Wi-Fi.

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The Final Word …

So there you go – the three best services for Skype. Now there is no reason to spend money on phone calls just because you cannot access the most popular VoIP tool. Use any of the three services and say goodbye to geo-restrictions. Chat, call, or come on live videos with your friends, family, or business colleagues. There should be absolutely no limitations.