Buffered VPN Review

Buffered VPN review

Buffered VPN is a vpn service provider based in Hungary. They are a fairly new entrant onto the global vpn scene, but since their entry in 2014 they have made an excellent impression with vpn users around the world.

The Buffered VPN offering includes unlimited bandwidth and server switches – this is of course a huge considering for those wanting to stream high definition movies and tv shows. Another strong point is that they allow simultaneous connection for up to 5 devices. Whilst they do not offer any free trial, they do offer users a full money back guarantee within the first 30 days. Importantly for those that place a high value on their internet privacy, they have a zero logging policy on all user internet activity. But by far, the biggest advantage that Buffered VPN has over many of their competitors is in regards to their superior network quality and blisteringly fast speeds.

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Pricing and Plans

Buffered VPN currently offers x3 different plans for their vpn service, with prices varying according to the subscription period:

1 Month price:

  • $12.99 per month
  • Billed once every month.

6 Months price:

  • $9.99 per month.
  • Billed $59.94 every 6 months.
  • This prices represents a 23% saving over the standard Monthly price.

12 Months price:

  • $8.25 per month.
  • Billed $99.00 every 12 months.
  • This prices represents a 36% saving over the standard Monthly price.

uffered VPN - prices and plans - July 2017

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Network Speed

This is where Buffered VPN really shines. No matter how many bells and whistles a vpn service provider may offer it’s customers, if their network speed is not up to scratch, they would not be someone we would recommend.

The good news is that Buffered VPN ticks all the boxes in regards to network speed. The connections are stable and the speeds ranged from good to excellent. They report that their server technicians spend much of their time tuning the servers for optimum speeds. This focus and attention to speed may be a reason that the prices charged to use their vpn service is slightly more expensive than some of their competitors. In my opinion, a significant percentage of vpn users would prefer to pay a few dollars more each month, in return for blisteringly fast performance and server speed.

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Security Features

Buffered VPN software utilizes technology known as 256-bit Blowfish encryption to make sure that your data remains private, and out of the hands of hackers. Representatives from Buffered stated that they chose this encryption method due to several key advantages that it holds over other forms of data encryption:

  • It is the same tried and trusted encryption method as used by the US Military.
  • It is an extremely efficient technology, resulting in super fast data transmission speeds.
  • It is relatively simple in its implementation, resulting in much lower packet loss and therefore few implementation errors.

The use of dynamic shared IPs is one other security feature that we really liked. Essentially the way it works, is that all users connected to Buffered VPN servers share the same set of IPs. Periodically throughout the users session, the IPs are swapped with other users. This is an added layer of protection because if anyone was able to somehow get access to your data, they would not be able to determine which user was actually sending that data (since the IPs assigned that data are in fact shared and recycled periodically during the session).

One minor annoyance for us in regards to the software is that there is no Kill Switch. So if the connection drops in between, the traffic will arrive through your ISP, which creates a security loophole. For most typical users, this will not be much of a concern, but those that are particularly security minded, it’s definitely something worth noting.

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Server Locations

Buffered VPN is relatively new vpn company, and it appears that they are still building their server network. Consequentially, the number of vpn servers in their network is not as extensive as some of their larger competitors. But having said that, we did find that Buffered VPN does have a server presence in most common countries:

Buffered VPN - server list

When we spoke with Buffered VPN about their limited server numbers, their response was that they are expanding their server offering in a controlled manner. They also stated that they are more concerned in server performance and quality, rather than raw numbers of servers offered. For us, a focus on network speed seems like an entirely appropriate approach that most vpn users would appreciate.

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VPN Protocol Support

All the Buffered VPN apps come pre-configured with the correct vpn protocol, so beginner vpn users will not need to be concerned with such technical details. However, for those users who are more technically minded, the following is information on the vpn protocols that are supported:

  • PPTP
  • L2TP/IPSec
  • OpenVPN
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Logging Policy

Buffered VPN have a solid logging policy which ticked all the boxes for us in regards to providing adequate internet privacy. Their main claim is that they only log data relating to the connection of your vpn session itself:

Items Logged:

  • Your registration data and your login data.
  • The amount of data being transmitted during the connection.

It’s important to note that most vpn service providers do log this type of ‘connection’ data as a normal part of their business in order to manage and provide a stable and reliable vpn service. With that in mind, we would consider this minimal (non-identifiable) logging to be entirely suitable for the vast majority of regular vpn users.

Items NOT Logged:

  • Your online traffic.
  • i.e. private information about individual user activities on our network, such as emails, chats, VOIP calls, websites visited, etc.

When we emailed their technical support team for additional clarification and confirmation of this logging policy they stated: “We never log anything related to the content you’ve accessed”. For the vast majority of vpn users, this approach to data logging would be entirely acceptable.

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Customer Service

Their website is simple and yet gives all the details about their services and policies. They have a privacy policy and terms and conditions, and it’s always recommended to read them so that you don’t get hit by any surprises. They also have a blog that will help you with any questions that you may have.

On the occasion where we used the Live Chat function on the website, we were underwhelmed with the quality of the support/responses that we received.

Buffered VPN - live chat

The customer support person that we chatted with was polite and courteous. However, when asked technical questions about which VPN protocols were supported, the responses were vague and at times incorrect. Furthermore, whilst most questions we put to them were eventually answered, it took some time to get the correct answer as the Live Chat operator had to continually go off and find the answer. The questions that we asked were really quite basic (and ones that would have been commonly asked by most other new users), so we would have expected the Live Chat operator to have those answers on hand.

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Company Location

Buffered VPN is based in Budapest (Hungary).

Whilst they are indeed located within Europe, importantly Hungary is NOT part of the very contentious 5 Eyes security alliance (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States). Not being part of this group provides an added layer of protection for persons using the Buffered VPN service.

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  • Excellent network speed.
  • Simultaneous connection of up to 5 devices.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Zero Logging of network traffic.


  • Limited payment options – i.e. no Bitcoin.
  • Does not offer a Kill Switch.
  • Support staff technical knowledge.


Buffered VPN are a relatively new vpn service provider based in Hungary. Their range of VPN servers is somewhat limited, but having said that, they do have servers in most of the more common countries that users are wanting to access. Their greatest strength however, is their server speed – which is excellent – and the prime reason why Buffered VPN is a vpn service that we would definitely recommend.

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  1. I found Buffered VPN no longer bypasses all geo blocks and things like content blocking on Netflix. I don’t know if it’ll be able to unblock it in the future, but people are saying they will! Still a great service for secure brewing and fast bandwidth.

  2. There’s been a load of negative comments about their service online, but I haven’t had any issues. I’m not sure about their encryption or privacy and things like that, but it’s fast enough for me to stream and watch videos online without geo-blocking, so that’s good enough for me.

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