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Artificial Intelligence use in Cyber Security

In our previous report on BlackBerry, we highlighted the major shortage of cybersecurity workforce. A workforce of just 200,000 employees in total, worldwide, has resulted in a catastrophic lack of security for businesses around the world, leading to hacks and data breaches in excess resulting in losses of $400 billion a year.

In addition to the lack of security experts, there is also a rising number of students and recent graduates taking up positions in cybersecurity. This is leading them to be overpaid and severely inexperienced at their jobs, resulting in major losses to enterprises, not only monetarily, but also in their business security.

A survey conducted by Trustwave Holdings revealed that around 60% of businesses had security teams with almost no specialised skills, training or experience to complete complex security-related tasks.

As a response to this, companies have begun taking matters into their own hands to combat and secure their businesses from cyber attacks. The enabler of this new layer of security for businesses and large corporations is artificial intelligence.

The main way that artificial intelligence is being utilised is to take a load off the existing security teams, by analysing and prioritising security alerts in order or severity.

A typical example of how the severe lack of cybersecurity employees is affecting companies is Darqi, a developer of augmented-reality glasses for design and construction purposes. Harbouring over 300 employees, it would be safe to assume that Darqi has an entire team of cybersecurity experts. In reality, they have just one – not because they cannot employ more, but because there are literally no others available. Darqi is taking advantage of artificial intelligence by issuing it to scour the feeds of over 1,200 devices and search for any major, or minor, security threats. This leaves the more vital and hands-on required tasks up to the one human cyber expert.

Major companies like MasterCard have entirely turned to AI for fraud prevention and security as a result of the continuing shortage of employees. This highlights the urgency of the situation and showing there is no time to wait for staff to be trained and sourced when there are continuous attacks on a daily basis.

A report by 9to5 Mac stated that one of the best ways to protect yourself or a startup business without a dedicated security team is to factor in using a stable, secure and paid VPN service. This gives you the power to avoid data mining, having data stolen on wifi networks and protects yours and your customer’s identities and data. The report highlighted that most modern VPN’s even cut all traffic if there is suspicious activity on your network.

When dealing with business information and sensitive client information, it’s never a good idea to take a chance with security. Not all businesses have the revenue to support a dedicated security team or AI security, but low-cost premium VPN’s create an almost impenetrable secure barrier for your business.

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