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You might ask, “How can I obtain a cheaper Spotify Premium?” but that question is no longer necessary because this piece will save you. More than any other method, you’ll learn how to save money on Spotify.

The most significant development in human history for music lovers is Spotify. With just a single app, it provides access to thousands of copyrighted tunes. The number of Spotify Premium customers surpassed 165 million in 2021, demonstrating the service’s popularity among top musicians.

The free version of Spotify’s streaming music service is available but filled with intrusive, non-skippable advertisements. Most individuals don’t like being forced to listen to advertisements. Therefore, it makes sense that most Spotify members would instead subscribe to the premium package.

The most straightforward approach to earning a Spotify Premium discount combines this geographic price disparity with technological prowess. If you’re perplexed by this, keep reading to get hooked through the process of getting fantastic Spotify discounts.

Essentially there are five steps to it. Which can be characterized as follows:

Process for getting a VPN: Here is how you can get cheap Spotify prices on your device in just five easy steps!

  1. Choose a VPN. Our choice would be ExpressVPN because of their superior high-speed VPN streaming servers.
  2. Download your chosen VPN app onto your device
  3. Login to the VPN and then run it.
  4. Connect to a VPN server. You will want to connect to a server to ensure you can check Malaysia
  5. Start Listening! All you will need to do and enjoy the new cheaper prices that are on offer!


What Is the Price of Spotify Premium?

You will pay $9.99 monthly for a Spotify Premium pricing account if you are 28 million US members. Nevertheless, fees and pricing for Spotify Premium vary in certain nations. As of this writing, a monthly fee of £9.99, or $12.47, is required to join the Premium membership in the UK.

If you reside in the US but have a premium account, you will have to pay an extra $2.48 per month if you visit the UK. It’s important to note that Spotify Premium is provided in other nations for less money.

Spotify Premium’s price is RM14.90, or $3.62 per month, in Malaysia.

Comparing the cost to what you would be paying as a US member, there is roughly a 64% reduction. However, purchasing Spotify Premium in the Philippines only costs $2.52 a month, which is a better deal.

Why Are There Regional Price Variations for Spotify Premium?

It all comes down to how ready the people of a nation are to pay for their membership at particular pricing points. While poorer nations like Indonesia have significantly lower prices, the US considers $9.99 an excellent value.

For the corporation to enter new nations, there must be variations in Spotify Premium prices worldwide. You may also take advantage of the possibility of getting special discounts.

The pricing scheme of Spotify may be advantageous to you. You may save money over time by purchasing a cheap Spotify premium plan. If you know the appropriate method, you may spend a fraction of what it would cost in the US ($9.99/month).

The method for getting Spotify at a low price isn’t as strange as it first appears. It doesn’t include any unlawful activity. Furthermore, you don’t need technical expertise to deceive Spotify into cutting your membership cost.

It only requires connecting to a VPN before creating an account with Spotify. The VPN will put in the extra effort to make sure Spotify thinks you’re a subscriber from a nation with discounted rates. Continue reading to learn how it operates. 

How to Save On Spotify Premium

Ideally, when you subscribe to Spotify Premium from a nation with considerably lower cost, you can save money. But it’s not a good idea to fly to the Philippines from halfway around the world just to open a Spotify account.

A VPN is the more intelligent method that won’t set you back hundreds of dollars for an airline ticket. A VPN is a network service that gives online consumers protection and anonymity. It provides more security for data transferred or received via a VPN server.

Your device’s IP address is concealed from view while linked to a VPN. Instead, it will adopt the IP address of the VPN service to which it is logged in. VPN services often have a vast, worldwide server network.

The Spotify server won’t recognize your connection as coming from the United States if you provide your device with an IP address from another nation. Your gadget is treated the same way as other users from such a nation. As a result, you’ll pay for a Spotify membership at the same price offered to locals.

Which VPN Provides the Cheapest Spotify Premium?

VPNs are becoming more and more common as online users desire privacy and protection from danger. You’ll need to pick the best VPN company from the competitive market to acquire a pocket-friendly Spotify Premium.

To ensure that the Spotify VPN server recognizes your device as connected to the virtual VPN server, the VPN must not have any DNS-leak concerns. Additionally, you’ll want a VPN with an extensive system of servers, especially in nations where the monthly membership charge is lower.

You’ll want the VPN to provide decent internet connections while protecting your data with high-grade encryption. These VPNs are fully compliant and will let you purchase a Spotify Premium subscription at a reasonable price.


ExpressVPN, a fast, user-friendly, and secure VPN offers a variety of features that the majority of rivals. However, it’s also considerably more expensive than other leading brands with comparable capabilities.

It provides the greatest torrenting, streaming, and gaming experiences. It offers steady networks for gaming, anti-DDoS security, integration for cloud gaming providers, and permits torrenting across all platforms. It integrates streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and many more.

You may obtain an IP address from just about any nation you choose, thanks to its 3,000+ servers spread over 160 sites in 94 different countries. Additionally, it functions in repressive nations like China and Iran by obscuring your VPN traffic, enabling you to get around internet restrictions while abroad.

Receive a Discount on Spotify

Spotify will continue to be the top worldwide music streaming service for several decades for those individuals who take music as a significant component of their lives. Although paying a premium membership honours the musician’s dedication, you can still save a few dollars by paying a lower monthly fee.

Many individuals are unaware that Spotify provides varied premium rates worldwide. The cost of Spotify Premium is frequently reduced in emerging nations to attract more local users as members.

You aren’t required to travel far to take advantage of Spotify Premium’s lower price. In addition to offering online security, a VPN is an excellent tool for disguising your actual location digitally.

With the right VPN, you may take advantage of the pricing differences in some nations and get a sizable discount. This post has shown you how to quickly download a VPN and pay less money for Spotify Premium by using a VPN.

We have also emphasized the standards for a solid VPN to enjoy the Spotify Premium discount. Using one of the VPNs suggested in this article reduces your risk.

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* Scammers, Governments, and Advertisers can use this information to track and target you.

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