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With the rapid rate of technological advancement, would someone want to buy an iPhone 8 that was launched several years ago now? Yes, absolutely. And, here’s why. The iPhone 8 was launched on 22 September 2017. Whilst it was not much of a quantum leap from the iPhone 7, it did bring some distinctive new features to the market. Notable improvements were wireless charging and fast charging. The storage capacity was also doubled. Later models did away with Touch ID and the home button. These are some of the reasons the phone remains popular.

The phone is readily available in the used phone market. If you do acquire one, be sure to install a VPN right away. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) encrypts all the data that your iPhone sends and receives. Encryption scrambles the data you send. It also generates a key. Only someone with that key can decrypt the data. This means that, even if someone intercepts your message, they can do nothing with the data. VPNs also hide your identity and your location so you can browse anonymously and access geo-restricted content. Based on extensive tests we have performed, we strongly recommend ExpressVPN. We’ll tell you why later. First, let’s get you set up.

QUICK GUIDE: how to quickly and easily setup a VPN on iPhone 8

  1. Get a reliable VPN account – we recommend ExpressVPN due to its smooth compatibility with iPhone 8.
  2. Choose a payment plan – They offer subscription periods of 1, 6 or 12 months. Longer subscriptions come with discounts. Sometimes they also offer free trial periods ranging from 1 to 3 months. If you have doubts, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee.
  3. Download the software onto your iPhone 8 – Go to the App Store and download the app. Follow the prompts to install it. You can also download and install the app directly from the ExpressVPN website
  4. Log in to the app – Once the app is installed, log in with the user credentials that you selected when you signed up.
  5. Connect and browse – Once you’re logged in, you will be guided through a few screens to set the app up. You will now be connected to the default server. You may select a different server in a different country if you wish. That’s it, you’re in. You can now browse safely and anonymously on your iPhone 8.

Which VPN do we recommend for your iPhone 8 phone?

The team here at VPNCompass have tried and tested all of the top-line vpn service providers on the market. Many of them do an adequate job of protecting your online privacy. But not all vpn apps are compatible with older smart phones such as the iPhone 8. For many vpn service providers, their primary focus with their app development is with the latest and greatest smart phone models only. Most other vpn companies neglect the vpn needs of those persons who own older model smart phones. ExpressVPN is different. The test that we conducted on our test iPhone 8 device here in our VPNCompass office, showed that their iPhone iOS app installed seamlessly and worked without issue. Here are some of the key features of ExpressVPN and why they are our top pick for use with iPhone 8:

#1. ExpressVPN – best for iPhone 8 compatibility

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  • Supported Devices:
Money-back guarantee: 30 Days

Supported Devices

Ensuring that your vpn app is compatible with your iPhone 8 device should be your first priority. It doesnt matter how many other fancy features a vpn may claim to have, the truth is that if it is not fully compatible with your iPhone 8, then it’s next to useless for your. Our tests performed here in the VPNComass office confirm that the ExpressVPN iOS app is fully compatible with your iPhone 8 cell phone.

Furthermore, with the never-ending increase in internet usage, the number of device platforms and communication technologies has mushroomed. And most people own several of these technologies. These devices are, more often than not, interconnected through synchronization of the user’s data. It is important, therefor that all of the devices are compatible with the VPN.

One of ExpressVPN’s key differentiating features it the number of devices it supports. Most VPNs support the common core devices such as: PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Tablet. ExpressVPN, however, is compatible with a substantial number of other technologies. ExpressVPN’s proprietary MediaStreamer app works on smart televisions and gaming consoles like X Box, Nintendo and Play station.

Data Encryption

ExpressVPN uses AES 256-bit data encryption. This is the strongest level of encryption currently available and takes even the most powerful processors a very long time to decrypt or crack. This is coupled with a 4096-bit RSA and SHA 512-bit decryption. This combined protocol makes encrypted data almost impossible to crack.

ExpressVPN also has a kill switch. Usually, when a device loses it’s connection to a VPN, the active internet connections will all automatically switch back to the ISP defaults. The anonymity and encryption provided by the VPN falls away and data becomes exposed. The kill switch prevents this by immediately terminating all the active internet connections.

Network Reach

The number of servers and server locations is a very important factor in VPN performance and the user experience. Billions of users are active on the internet at any given moment. The amount of data that is flowing is incomprehensively large. Small networks can become congested and suffer performance loss. At peak times, users may experience intermittent network failures.

The distance between the server and the user will also impact performance. With only a handful of locations, most of a small network’s customers will be far from the nearest server. ExpressVPN has more than 3,000 servers in 160 locations. Wherever you are on the globe, you’re sure to have servers nearby.


The availability of content on the internet has absolutely exploded in the last five years or so. Social media and streaming platforms have all but replaced historic subscription-based broadcast services. Streaming platforms generally have regional restrictions due to onerous copyright or broadcast licensing laws. On any one platform, content differs vastly between regions. Some apps, like BBC iPlayer are available only in certain locations. Other streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video geo-block various movies and content on a country by country basis. With a vpn on your iPhone 8, you can bypass all of these geographic restrictions imposed by these streaming providers, and unlock their full movie library for you to watch no matter where you are located throughout the world.

ExpressVPN has been tested and proven to be able to unlock all of the top streaming apps. Location masking enable the user to access content all over the world. ExpressVPN has servers in 94 countries. Tests have repeatedly shown that ExpressVPN is able to access all the streaming apps in all of these countries all of the time.

Other factors to consider

Several countries strictly censor internet access. Most notable are China and the Middle East. ExpressVPN is almost the only VPN that works in all of these countries.

This is also one of the fastest VPNs available. Independent tests have shown performance loss as low as 8% compared to a direct connection through an ISP. This would not be noticeable to the vast majority of users.

ExpressVPN Prices:

Below are the latest ExpressVPN subscription prices, current as at May 2024:

  • 1 Month: $12.95
  • 6 Months: $9.99
  • 15 Months: $6.67 (Special Deal: 3 Months Free + Save 49%)

Note: All prices are in USD, and are Per Month.

ExpressVPN Deal - May 2024: sign-up for a 1 Year Plan, and pay only $8.32 per month. That's a whopping 35% Discount off the regular monthly price! Head over to ExpressVPN now to take advantage of this hot deal!

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Is my iPhone 8 fully compatible with ExpressVPN?

Yes. ExpressVPN is compatible with iOS version 10.0 and higher. iPhone 8 was launched with version 11.

What happens if I have a problem?

ExpressVPN has a 24/7 live chat helpline. Personalized help there and then. Whenever and wherever. If you need support for your iPhone, they are readily available.

Can I run ExpressVPN on my iPhone 8 and my laptop simultaneously?

Yes. ExpressVPN gives you a license for 5 simultaneous connections. Of course, if you have more devices, you can install it on all of them. You can only run five connections at any time though. We don’t think you’ll ever need more

How safe am I?

You are as safe as anyone can be. Your iPhone 8 connects to a virtual web server. ExpressVPN does not log or record a single detail about your browsing session. ExpressVPN has been audited to verify this. No matter which iPhone model you are using, you can be assured that your online privacy is respected at all times.

PRIVACY ALERT: Websites you visit can see your current IP Address:

  • Your IP Address:
  • Your Location: Ashburn, US
  • Your Internet Provider:

* Scammers, Governments, and Advertisers can use this information to track and target you.

Our recommended vpn service provider for general all-round internet security and online privacy is ExpressVPN. It offers an excellent selection of online security and internet privacy features, excellent speed, and the ability to unblock your favorite streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer).

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