How to Unlock ChatGPT at School or Work

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Chat GPT was launched in November last year and took the internet by storm. This language AI can generate amazingly accurate and human-like replies to practically any query you can throw at it.

Over a million people had interacted with this chat just five days after its launching, and they were virtually all mesmerized by its intelligence and accuracy.

Expectedly, there have been a few drawbacks. For example, it’s only possible to use the chatbot in some places.

The platform is blocked in certain countries, but a VPN may let you get through the blockade.

Additionally, ChatGPT gathers (some) user data, and it would only be wise to use a powerful VPN-encrypted connection for overall privacy. Let’s dive right in! Read on to find out how to use the top VPNs for ChatGPT.

Where Can I Use Chatgpt?

The AI chatbot’s main firm, OpenAI, aims to serve as many nations as possible; it is now accessible in over 157 countries, including Canada, Australia,  the US, the UK, and even most African countries.

Unfortunately, ChatGPT’s nation limitation excludes several countries, like Egypt, Ukraine, Russia,  Yemen, Afghanistan, and China. And people from such nations will get an error notice that OpenAI’s services are not accessible in their locations.

This is where VPN comes in handy. This software scan allows users to conceal their accurate geographical locations and set them whenever possible. By doing so, you will escape the geo-restrictions from innovative online programs like ChatGPT.

The Best VPNs for ChatGPT

VPN allows you to quickly access multiple areas and use services exclusively offered in those regions. The VPNs have been often referred to as “virtual internet passports.”

However, always ensure you use a strong VPN with a wide array of servers and the finest unblocking protocols for dependable connections. Such will help you utilize ChatGPT without limitations anywhere in the globe.

The following are the best VPNs that will help you get over geo-restrictions and protect your data when using ChatGPT:

1. ExpressVPN

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  • Supported Devices:
Money-back guarantee: 30 Days

ExpressVPN is a strong and fantastic service. It’s among the finest VPNs on the market today. Better yet, it is compatible with many software, including ChatGPT.

The VPN service includes over 3000 fast servers spread over 94 nations in the Americas, Europe,  Asia, and Africa.

Even though it doesn’t have specialized servers like NordVPN, additional connection protocols are available, giving you more options when surfing the web.

These protocols include IKEv2, Lightway UDP or TCP, and OpenVPN UDP/TCP, which is ideal for accessing websites from blocked countries.

These factors combine to make ExpressVPN operate flawlessly with ChatGPT, and using its user-friendly app interface is a breeze.

Here is a list of everything you receive with ExpressVPN at a glance:

  • 94 countries and 3000+ servers
  • Additional connection protocols
  • Every server has private DNS
  • Web kill switch
  • Trusted Server innovation
  • Password manager built-in
  • Strict no-logging guidelines
  • Accessible on Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Linux, and more platforms.
  • Five devices supported with a single subscription

Connecting to a VPN server with ExpressVPN lets you do something neat if you’re a gamer. Steam is one of the largest online gaming communities in the world. It can be found and accessed anywhere in the world.

It’s important to note that games’ pricing varies from country to country. Get your hands on that must-have video game without breaking the bank. Maximize your financial return. If you’re looking for lower prices, Brazil and India are two places to look into.

The ExpressVPN team has gone above and beyond to create a service with many valuable options. They also take privacy very seriously. Each year, they award five college students a $5,000 Future of Privacy fellowship to encourage greater awareness of privacy issues on campus.

They are committed to promoting awareness of the importance of protecting personal data. They also provide a high-quality network for lightning-fast data transfers. Because of this, the service is highly recommended for file-sharing and video-watching. You’ll receive three bonus months when you subscribe to ExpressVPN for an entire year.

You’ll receive three bonus months when you have 30 days to put your network to the tesordVPN.

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2. SurfShark

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  • Supported Devices:
Money-back guarantee: 30 Days

Surfshark is a company offering VPN services and boasts a solid reputation for both price and reliability. It has been thoroughly tested for use with ChatGPT, and its robust feature set ensures its place on the list.

It has a massive infrastructure consisting of over 3,200 RAM-only machines spread over 100 different countries. Users may be sure that their data will be stored quickly and securely on these servers, which do not monitor or record their online behavior.

  • In addition, the business offers specialized multihop servers that enable simultaneous connections to two servers, doubling the safety of your data transfer.
  • Surfshark is a fantastic privacy tool for anonymously using ChatGPT and other Internet services since it has an IP rotator, military-grade AES 256-bit encryption, and DNS leak prevention.
  • Its monthly membership costs are much lower than the other two VPNs. You may use one account on an infinite number of devices. Due to these factors, it is perhaps the best VPN for ChatGPT.

The main features of using Surfshark are:

  • 100 countries and 3200+ servers
  • IKEv2, OpenVPN, and WireGuard protocols
  • No-logs rule
  • Ad-blocker and antivirus built-in
  • Supports many devices with a single membership

In addition to keeping your data and connection safe, it also provides reliable protection for your online activity.

It’s an excellent choice for keeping your web traffic private because of its extensive network of more than 3,200 servers situated all over the globe, which allows for fast connections and little downtime.

  • Surfshark is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, Chromebook, iOS, and Android devices.
  • This VPN’s limitless connection capacity per account is a standout feature since it allows several users to connect without slowing down their connection.
  • It could be your option if you need a VPN service that works on more than one gadget.
  • Besides its primary functions, Surfshark provides many optional security enhancements, such as a kill switch, split tunneling, and multi-hop VPN.
  • It also has a solid no-logging policy and doesn’t keep track of your online actions, which is excellent for keeping your browser history and other private data secure.
  • Users who care about privacy and versatility when surfing the web may find these additional features appealing.
  • Those interested in subscribing to Surfshark’s services may choose from several flexible pricing tiers to meet their individual needs and budgets.
  • There are a variety of membership durations available, from one month to many years.

To cap it off, Surfshark sometimes runs sales and other incentives. It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to help alleviate any worries.

As a result, you can check out their services without any financial risk by giving the VPN a go and then getting your money back if it doesn’t live up to your expectations.

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3. NordVPN

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  • Supported Devices:
Money-back guarantee: 30 Days

NordVPN boasts one of the most intuitive interfaces and includes many applicable security and privacy options.

It offers various server locations, with 5,483 servers in 59 different countries. The VPN’s NordLynx connection protocol can easily circumvent restrictive firewalls and geo-restricted content.

In addition, its specialized servers simplify the process of downloading and streaming media and playing online games without compromising security or speed.

To bypass websites that detect and seek to block VPN users, obfuscated servers might assist them to seem to be coming from a different location.

In addition to its other privacy-enhancing features, such as its no-log policy and AES-256-bit encryption, this service leaves no room for intrusion.

In a nutshell, here’s what you get with NordVPN:

  • Fifty-nine nations have 5,483 servers
  • Very robust NordLynx connection protocol
  • Accessible on Windows, Android, MAC, iOS, Linux, etc.
  • Strict no-logging guidelines
  • Six devices supported with a single subscription

If you’re looking to be safe while browsing the web, NordVPN is your best bet. Using RAM-only servers and strictly following a no-logs policy guarantees that no recordings of its customers’ online activities will be kept.

With these protections in place, users may feel confident that their sensitive data is protected.

In addition to being a highly adaptable and user-friendly service, NordVPN is also very easy to set up and use on a wide range of devices.

  • It’s compatible with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, among other popular browsers, and it includes specialized applications for a wide range of devices.
  • With a single NordVPN account, you may connect up to six devices simultaneously.
  • NordVPN is compatible with iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Linux, Windows, and macOS platforms.
  • And these are just a few of the many devices and OSes that NordVPN supports!
  • For instance, you may use this VPN with a router to protect everything on your home network with only one subscription to NordVPN.
  • Because of these features, NordVPN is an excellent choice for anybody who needs to safeguard their data while using several devices.
  • And thanks to its numerous features, NordVPN has several membership tiers. Subscribe on a monthly, annually, or multiple-year basis.

NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to try out the service risk-free and get a full refund if it doesn’t meet your standards. This ensures your peace of mind while giving the service a try.

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3. Atlas VPN

Despite being a newcomer to the VPN market, Atlas VPN has garnered a sizable number of users and has grown in popularity.

With its extensive network of more than 750 servers spread over more than 40 sites, connections are made quickly.

Atlas VPN is an excellent option for anybody trying to improve their online experience because of these characteristics, especially if you’re utilizing ChatGPT.

Atlas VPN provides strong security precautions to safeguard your online activities.

It uses cutting-edge military-grade encryption to protect your data and secure your internet connection.

Best things about Atlas VPN:

  • The finest unpaid VPN is Atlas VPN
  • In more than 40 locations, Privacy Pro has 750 servers
  • countless concurrent device connections
  • Excellent for: those looking for a freemium VPN
  • Compatible with: Android, iPhone & iOS, Windows, MacOS, Android TV, and Fire TV Stick

To provide different levels of security to your online activity protection, Atlas VPN also provides a variety of security protocols, including OpenVPN and IKEv2. Atlas VPN is a dependable option for preserving the security and privacy of your online presence, thanks to these qualities.

When utilizing ChatGPT, Atlas VPN might be a great option if privacy and security are essential to you. Atlas VPN is a reliable and user-friendly service that works with various mobile and desktop operating systems.

  • Mobile/tablet operating systems include Android, iPadOS, and iOS; computer/laptop operating systems include macOS, Linux, and Windows. It includes simple-to-use platform-specific tools that make configuring VPNs on any device a breeze.
  • This makes it an excellent solution for homes or organizations wishing to safeguard their internet use across numerous devices. The vast server network that Atlas VPN has, in addition to its cross-platform capabilities, guarantees quick and influential connections.
  • There are many ways to pay for Atlas VPN services, including monthly, annual, and biannual subscriptions. For consumers dissatisfied with the service, the VPN provider provides a 30-day money-back guarantee that entitles them to a complete return.
  • Atlas VPN is a reputable VPN option that anybody seeking a safe and stable VPN service may utilize.
  • The distinctive feature of Atlas VPN is its free service, which isn’t found in any other VPN of this grade. There are two subscription tiers available for this VPN: free and premium. The same security features and procedures are accessible to both kinds of accounts.
  • The 750 server network is accessible with a paying subscription but not with the free version. The free edition has limited access to 3 servers in Los Angeles, New York, and Amsterdam.

The free plan also includes restrictions that can affect your use, such as a monthly bandwidth cap of 5 GB. You will need to upgrade to a premium membership if you want additional server choices or bandwidth.

4. Proton VPN

This VPN option is Privacy-focused, has High-speed data transfer, and rates high for watching videos online. It is also robust and reliable across all devices. Sadly, the site for support is complex; it’ll take some time to connect.

The Proton VPN is the flagship product of the Swiss company Proton, which has just undergone a significant redesign. It was always easy to recommend, but its new, more streamlined design further strengthens its case.

Proton VPN has a strict zero-logging policy and string encryption, which, coupled with its fast connection speeds when using WireGuard (510Mbps) and OpenVPN (aided by Proton’s own VPN Accelerator tech), will appeal to anyone seeking a VPN for total online anonymity.

The main characteristics of a Proton are as follows:

  • Proton uses strong encryption to safeguard messages and attachments from eavesdroppers.
  • Proton promotes security and privacy with options including tracking-free Excel email storage and encrypted email storage.
  • Proton is compatible with various hardware and software, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android.
  • Proton provides private and secure email domains, such as
  • A VPN service is available via Proton, protecting customers’ IP addresses and online behavior.
  • Users of Proton may alter the themes and color schemes used in their email interface.
  • Built-in filters in Proton shield users from unsolicited email and other security risks.

In addition to Proton Drive, Proton Mail,  and Proton Calendar, you get the whole privacy package with Proton Unlimited for a fee that’s not too bad. Proton VPN also provides its Secure Core servers, which are housed in highly secure facilities in nations that respect user privacy.

Proton isn’t just a VPN service, however; Proton VPN excels in unblocking Netflixvariousety of countries and regions, as well as BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and Amazon Prime. Unfortunately, when we attempted to break 10Play, it failed like PIA.

Finding issues with Proton is growing increasingly complex, but a few persist. Although Proton will automatically reroute you to a server that supports P2P traffic if it finds any, the number of servers that do so is few compared to the competitors.

There has been a recent general decrease in price, but it still needs to be more inexpensive. You can get a good discount if you join up for two years and receive a bonus of 10 simultaneous connections.

Overall, Proton VPN is trending upward, and it’s clear that the creators aren’t resting on their laurels but rather working hard to keep it that way. Consequently, we recommend Proton VPN to readers.

How to Use a VPN for ChatGPT?

One would imagine that utilizing a VPN could be laborious and involve a learning curve, given all the misconceptions around it.

Since all users are considered while developing VPN software, all the complex procedures are concealed from the user using a user-friendly interface.

Here is information on using a VPN with ChatGPT.

  • Choose a server from the available list, or if a map is provided, click on a specific location within the map.
  • Verify that all necessary security methods are activated by navigating to the settings or altering them using the fast-access menu.
  • After ensuring everything is in working order, you may connect by clicking a “Connect” button or toggle.

Note: Depending on the software, the interface may change, and not all programs will work with the instructions mentioned above.

How to Choose the Best VPN for ChatGPT?

Pick the best VPN service if you often stream or like playing online games. A robust VPN will help you conceal your location and keep your details safe.

Here are the essential things to consider when choosing a VPN:

Location: Choosing a provider with several locations and applications for all platforms is a beautiful place to start. Ultimately, it only counts if it supports the places and platforms you’ll use.

Features: Look for a VPN that unblocks your preferred services like Netflix or iPlayer if viewing movies or TV shows is a significant priority. Users of torrents would naturally need P2P support on as many servers as possible, reliable kill switches to protect their identity, and an audited no-log policy to ensure that all their online actions remain hidden.

Connections: Many VPNs also restrict the total number of devices you may connect simultaneously. Suppose you must safeguard several mobile devices, laptops, smart TVs, or other pieces of gear. In that case, you should choose a service that allows for more simultaneous connections—or has no limitations.

Help: Looking at a VPN’s support page is one of the greatest methods to determine if it is excellent (or terrible). Look for many in-depth, well-written things valuable to you in challenging scenarios. Although it is not required, live chat help is also appreciated. Support through email may be surprisingly quick, with some companies replying within minutes.

Price: Of course, there are costs to consider, but we suggest putting functionality first. Check out the list of inexpensive VPNs if cost is your sole consideration.

Simply put, get a VPN that can perform all you need. There are some excellent value offers on the list, so it doesn’t have to be pricey, and you can always use pricing later to narrow down your selection to a final option.


ChatGPT is one of the most well-designed chatbots to date. The likelihood of the user receiving an incorrect response is very low, and the outcomes are terrifyingly accurate.

As ChatGPT has attracted everyone’s attention, several questionable competitors to ChatGPT have invaded the Google Play and Apple App Stores. Despite the user’s utmost caution, there is a substantial likelihood that they may fall prey unintentionally.

Sadly, ChatGPT is unavailable in many countries, putting residents at greater risk of accessing a phony website or downloading a malicious program.

Using a VPN makes it simple to resist all the risks of using ChatGPT. You are shielded from most viruses, malware, and trackers while using a VPN.

In summary, a VPN offers customers the finest means of maintaining their online security and privacy. They are also easy to operate, don’t need special training, and are dependable.

PRIVACY ALERT: Websites you visit can see your current IP Address:

  • Your IP Address:
  • Your Location: Ashburn, US
  • Your Internet Provider:

* Scammers, Governments, and Advertisers can use this information to track and target you.

Our recommended vpn service provider for general all-round internet security and online privacy is ExpressVPN. It offers an excellent selection of online security and internet privacy features, excellent speed, and the ability to unblock your favorite streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer).

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