How to Watch Disney+ Abroad with a VPN

Heidi Finigan | 15 Nov 2019

After an incredible launch on November 12, Disney+ is now streaming content to more than 10 million users in the US and Canada alone. However, it may not be available in too many other countries after launch, with only a handful of other nations including Australia and New Zealand on the list.

That said, if youre looking to stream Disney+ while youre on holidays outside the US, Canada, Netherlands or Australia and New Zealand, then we have some excellent news for you leading VPN providers are here to help out.

Disney+ Locations and Geo-blocking

To keep things simple, Disney+ uses similar technology to Netflix, enabling the service to lock out any other viewers who arent located in the services supported nations.

In the coming months and heading into 2020, Disney will be making Plus available in a few more countries, including the UK, Puerto Rico, Spain, France, Italy and Germany, however, if youre heading there before March 2020, youll be out of luck.

Were glad to say, with a VPN that navigates beyond geo-blocking, youll have no issue streaming Disney+ wherever you might be.

Choosing a VPN for Disney+

If youre looking to dive into using a VPN for Disney+ there are a few things youll need to keep in mind, mainly speed and reliability aspects.

As Disney is offering a large number of their Plus titles in Ultra HD or 4K, youll need a VPN service that can support extremely large data transfers at high speed. Youll also want to ensure your latency is as low as possible for browsing titles and looking at trailers, or youll be staring blankly waiting for movies to load.

Finally, youll also want to select a VPN with servers located in the USA or at least a country where Disney+ is supported because youll need to be connected to these to gain access to the Disney+ service.

Our Top Choice VPNs

Weve selected three leading VPN services that are more than capable of streaming Disney+ abroad, from a speed standpoint and also a geo-unblocking one. With the VPNs below, youll seamlessly be able to connect, login to Disney+ and stream without issue.

NordVPN – Tonnes of Servers

Our leading VPN service is NordVPN. Youll experience fast speeds, high-grade encryption and streaming focused servers that ensure theres no buffering. Youll also be free to choose from servers in more than 59 countries, including the US, Canada and the Netherlands for easy access to the Disney+ platform.

ExpressVPN – Extremely Fast

To one of the worlds fastest VPNs, ExpressVPN offers unrivalled speeds through their private fibre optic network. All Disney+ viewers through ExpressVPN will be able to stream 4K content without a hitch on this VPN, and with more than 3,000 servers to choose from in 94 countries, youre free to switch to a faster server should one be a little too slow for your liking.

CyberGhost – Affordable All-rounder

Our third recommended VPN is CyberGhost. The service is affordable, extremely fast and offers servers that have been explicitly designed for streaming content a fantastic perk for data-heavy Disney+ watchers. There are a tonne of CyberGhost servers across the globe, so choosing one for Disney+ wont be an issue, and when you pair this with multiple device support, youll be able to jump between Mac, iPhone, iPad and even PC and continue watching.

How to Use a VPN for Disney+

Now that weve gone over the best VPN services for Disney+, well take a look at how simple it is to use them!

1. All youll need to do is choose from one of the VPNs above and get your hands on a month-long or multi-year subscription.

2. Once youve subscribed, download the application or software program to your smartphone, tablet or laptop. You might be asked to allow the app to make changes to your device, which is no cause for concern, let it do its thing.

3. Youll then be able to connect to the VPN service we suggest choosing a US server and then youre all set!

4. Sign in to Disney+ as usual and start streaming your favourite Disney classics, or the newest exclusive originals.

There you have it. Disney+ might not be officially available worldwide just yet, but with a reliable VPN and a Disney+ subscription, youre able to watch just about anywhere.

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