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MAFS is an incredible program where strangers get the ultimate chance to undertake a romantic social experiment. Relationship gurus take the opportunity to pair two completely unknown individuals with each other at the chapel. After that, the duo are expected to explore their fantasies during their honeymoon and eventually move in together as a couple, an idea that sometimes works but, more often than not, fails miserably.

Based on the past seasons, MAFS has been less of what it was expected to be and achieve. There has been a series of sexual disparities, constant conflicts, cheating charges to top it all off, and Onlyfans ordeals that has completely shaken the relationship specialists’ intent to have a normally functioning couple pair.

However, there have been light and unforgettable moments shared between paired couples who have highlighted and confirmed that the experiment could work when done correctly by individuals willing to give each other a shot.  But the general consensual feeling is that not many relationships end up working. But which route will the 10th season take? To find out more, you’ll have to follow up on the season cast to get more juicy information.

How To Watch MAFS If You’re In Australia

If you’re a massive fan of MAFS, it will be a huge miss not to catch up with season 10, and all the drama anticipated. It will be aired on Channel 9, and you can catch it on Mondays through Wednesdays and Sundays at 7 pm. Equally, you can use 9now to watch the previous and recent episodes if you wish.

But what if you don’t live in Australia? Read on to find out more.

Watch MAFS Australia from Overseas

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Meet The MAFS Australian Contestants

Even though the general public is still taking time to know and study season 10 MAFS contestants, you can undoubtedly know them by name. But before anything, let’s first have a look at the brides:

  • Bronte (28)
  • Alyssa (35)
  • Claire (31)
  • Janelle (28)
  • Caitlin (27)
  • Lyndall (27)
  • Melinda (32)
  • Melissa (41)
  • Tahnee (27)
  • Sandy (36)

As for the gentlemen, they come in all shapes and sizes, from single dads to voice-over artists. Here they are:

  • Dan (42)
  • Duncan (36)
  • Adam (35)
  • Cameron (27)
  • Harrison (32)
  • Jesse (30)
  • Josh (40)
  • Ollie (26)
  • Shannon (30)
  • Layton (35)

The New Season 10 Couples

1. Lyndall And Cam

Lyndall and Cam are off to a great start. The accountant and carpenter had a happy marriage, so let’s hope the flames ignite now that they have to stay together and find a lasting connection. Although it’s not guaranteed that anything good or bad will happen, there’s hope based on their almost perfect start.

2. Sandy And Dan

Dan sandy appeared happy with each other, but will they manage to keep the fire of desire burning, or will they call it quit? We’ll have to wait to find out.

3. Bronte And Harisson

Even though other couples appear to be doing well, it’s different for Harisson and Bronte. The wedding day shocked many, but let’s wait and see if they’ll manage to stay together or if they, too, will decide to part ways.

4. Claire And Jesse

From the start, these pair were on shaky ground, and things only worsened after Claire mentioned her interest in astrology. Relationship gurus should have checked the astrological birth signs before matching the duo.

5. Ollie And Tahnee

Tahnee and Claire seemed enthusiastic about the idea of them being together. But once reality hits and they start to spend more time together, will they maintain the same spirit? Only time will tell.

6. Janelle And Adam

The pair operate on two distinctive financial grounds, which might be dangerous territory.  Janelle’s parents pointed out an infidelity occurrence, but she had already let it slide.  But the million-dollar question is, will they stay together despite their alternative ways of life?

What’s Next?

There’s not much that can be said for season 10 rather than to stay tuned and wait for the drama.  You can tune in to channel 9 to catch the show live, or if you’re not in Australia, you can use Express VPN or NordVPN to follow the program.

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