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Perhaps you are a USA based British ex-pat who really misses their favourite UK Netflix programmes. Or maybe you are an American citizen who vacationed in the UK and fell in love with the unique comedies, detective shows and period dramas that are shown on the channel. Whatever your reasons for wanting to watch these broadcasts you are probably aware that you can’t access them in the USA on account of the content being restricted.

But what if we told you there was a proven, safe and perfectly legitimate way to watch them regardless of where you are in the USA? Well that is exactly what you can do with a VPN! Officially referred to as a Virtual Private Network, this service enables you to watch any UK Netflix show at any time of the day in the USA. Ingeniously, it does this by replacing your current American IP address with a British IP address, which instantly lifts the restricted access! Furthermore securing a VPN is not a difficult process, so we have explained it to you in more detail below.

How to get a UK IP Address to stream UK Netflix

If this sounds a bit too complicated and technical for you, don’t worry, we have outlined the process of securing a VPN to enable you to unblock UK Netflix content in 5 easy to follow steps:

QUICK GUIDE: How to Get a UK IP Address in 5 Easy Steps:

  • Subscribe to a reputable VPN Provider like NordVPN. We recommend them because their worldwide server count is massive.
  • Download the provider’s VPN client onto the device of your choice.
  • Install the app and sign in to it with your login details.
  • Connect to a server that is located somewhere in UK.
  • Start to watch your favourite Netflix UK shows with unrestricted access.

Our Recommended VPNs for Unblocking UK Netflix

Although many VPN services claim to be able to fully unblock streaming services like UK Netflix, during the course of our research we discovered that many of them don’t actually deliver on this promise. That is because Netflix has solid VPN detections in place to blacklist internet connections from known VPN servers. However, there are a few VPN providers who have demonstrated a proven ability to consistently bypass these measures. We’ve outlined the best of them below.

#1. NordVPN – excellent service provider with the proven ability to unblock Netflix

NordVPN supported devices

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Overall we found that NordVPN worked best at unblocking Netflix UK content, mainly on account of its wide server coverage. The company boasts over 5,200 different VPN servers in over 65 countries around the world, and in particular, has a large number of servers in the UK to draw up. This is a crucial factor as it means that when you do stream content, you will be able to do so seamlessly, without buffering, lag or delays.

This makes NordVPN’s service unrivalled when it comes to unblocking and watching shows on UK Netflix because even if one or two of their UK servers gets discovered, and therefore blocked by Netflix, there are plenty more British based servers you can connect with to keep watching your favourite shows.

Another great feature of NordVPN is that they are capable of unblocking eight different Netflix libraries.  This, therefore, gives their customer’s the ability to watch Netflix shows from the US, Canada, Japan, Germany, Australia, the Netherlands, Italy and the UK anytime they feel like it.

When it comes to security, NordVPN is also recognised as the market leader, employing a wide range of security-enhancing features to ensure your online activity is always protected. This includes measures like private DNS servers, military-grade AES 256-bit encryption and WebRTC leak protection. They even have the capability to set up a customized kill switch, which protects your privacy by immediately killing your internet connection, should your VPN connection ever drops out suddenly. This further ensures you are not sending your data across an unprotected connection.

NordVPN Prices:

Below are the latest NordVPN subscription prices, current as at May 2024:

latest subscription prices for NordVPN

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#2. ExpressVPN – reliable speed-focused VPN service

ExpressVPN supported devices

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ExpressVPN has a lower overall number of servers on its network in comparison to NordVPN. However, as their 3000 servers cover almost 100 countries they make up for it with their global reach.

In addition, they also have very fast connection speeds, which enables them to unrestrict the content on Netflix’s 6 biggest libraries (namely the USA, Canada, UK, France, Japan and Australia), on all three of its iOS, Android and browser apps.

With their lightway connection protocol, they can also deliver download speeds of up to 136 MBPs for British servers, which ensures their lagging anime streams always operate at optimum levels.

Along with its no bandwidth limit, this blazing fast speed means the company’s VPN service is also very good for torrenting anime to watch offline at a time that suits you. Unlike most other apps currently on the market, ExpressVPN allows users to download torrents on its network which is fantastic if you have a busy schedule.

One of the best selling points of ExpressVPN is that it works very well anywhere in the world you are. This is because its obfuscated servers mask your VPN connection as just another regular internet connection. This, therefore, allows the VPN program to run easily and without issue, even in countries like China, which are infamously strict when it comes to blocking VPN use.

ExpressVPN Prices:

Below are the latest ExpressVPN subscription prices, current as at May 2024:

  • 1 Month: $12.95
  • 6 Months: $9.99
  • 15 Months: $6.67 (Special Deal: 3 Months Free + Save 49%)

Note: All prices are in USD, and are Per Month.

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#3. SurfShark – budget VPN provider with super-premium features

SurfShark supported devices

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Surfshark has not been on the VPN market all that long. But it has already developed a big following of customers who have been attracted by its affordable pricing and its simultaneous infinite device connections offer.

The company are up to 70% cheaper than many other competing VPN services. They also have a massive network of 3,200 servers which are located across 65 countries around the world. In addition, they also have the incredible ability to unblock 30 different Netflix regions, including the UK.

When you have finished watching UK Netflix, Surfshark can also unblock other popular streaming services like Amazon Prime Player, HBO, BBC iPlayer, Disney + and Hulu too. Offering average connection speeds of up to 71 MBPs, their service is also quick enough to stream 4K UHD video on any of these international video-streaming platforms.

SurfShark Prices:

Below are the latest SurfShark subscription prices, current as at May 2024:

  • 1 Month: $12.95
  • 6 Months: $6.49
  • 24 Months: $2.49 (Save 81%)

Note: All prices are in USD, and are Per Month.

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* Scammers, Governments, and Advertisers can use this information to track and target you.

Our recommended vpn service provider for general all-round internet security and online privacy is NordVPN. It offers an excellent selection of online security and internet privacy features, excellent speed, and the ability to unblock your favorite streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer).

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