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Is Wonder Woman on Netflix? The simple answer to this question is: YES. However, it is currently only available to Netflix subscribers located in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, South Korea, Switzerland and Turkey. This means that if you a Netflix subscriber located in any other country (such as: USA, Canada, Australia, England, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, etc), you will be restricted from watching Wonder Woman due to region-specific licensing issues. If you are located in one of these restricted countries, when you search for Wonder Woman while logged into your Netflix account, you will not be able to find it. What happens is that Netflix is able to determine your location (due to your IP Address) and then proceeds to geo-block your access to be able to watch this movie from your current location.

But there is a a simple and easy to implement solution. It involves using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. Although the name may sound a quite technical, it’s actually pretty simple to get up and running with and use. A VPN works by hiding your true physical location from where you are connecting to the internet via your computer. When you connect to the internet with a VPN, the vpn service automatically allocates you an IP Address according to the VPN server that you are connecting to. Thus, if you connect to a vpn server in a country where Wonder Woman is currently not geo-blocked (e.g. South Korea), you will be assigned an IP Address from that country. Netflix will then see your IP Address as being from South Korea, and you will then be able to unblock and watch all of the Netflix content from that region – including Wonder Woman.

Where to watch Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is not currently available on Netflix if you are located in the USA. This is because there are licensing restrictions which currently prevent it from being shown on Netflix in America. However, you can watch Wonder Woman on Netflix if you are located in other countries South Korea, Germany, and France (just to name a few). For those Netflix subscribers located in the US, it poses the question: where can i watch Wonder Woman? The simple solution is a VPN. Using this technology, you can change your IP Address so that it appears to Netflix that you are physically located in one of these unrestricted countries.

Short on time? Check out our Step By Step Guide below, to bypass these unfair geographic restrictions and watch Wonder Woman from your location in any part of the USA today.

Step-by-Step Guide: on how watch Wonder Woman on Netflix South Korea

  1. Sign up – with a reliable VPN service provider – we strongly recommend NordVPN due to their excellent server speed in South Korea.
  2. Download App – log into your vpn account, and download an app for your chosen device (PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Smart TV)
  3. Login to VPN App  – open the vpn and login to your vpn app.
  4. Connect to a South Korean Server – after all, this is where Wonder Woman is available on Netflix!
  5. Open Netflix – login to your Netflix account. The full Netflix Korea library is now available to you.
  6. Search Wonder Woman – search for Wonder Woman in your Netflix account. Start streaming and enjoying this great movie!

Exact Steps and Screenshots

Here are the exact steps that we took, to be able to watch Wonder Woman from our location in the USA.

  1. Connect to a vpn server in the USA (we used NordVPN in our test).
  2. Log into Netflix (USA) – search for Wonder Woman. It is NOT available.
  3. Log out of Netflix (USA).
  4. Connect to a vpn in South Korea.
  5. Log into Netflix (Korea) – search for Wonder Woman. It’s available !

Here are some screenshots that help explain a bit more the steps mentioned above.

First of all, we connected to a vpn server in the USA. This was only to prove that we are connected to the Internet with an IP Address from the USA (so it’s therefore not esssential to do this step).

Now that we are connected from the USA, we logged into our Neflix account.

Once logged in, we searched for Wonder Woman.

As you can see from the screenshot below, there were unfortunately not results returned for this movie.

What’s happening behind the scene is that Netflix has detected (by analysing our current IP Address) that we are located in the USA, and has therefore geo-blocked us from accessing Wonder Woman.

We can get around this geo-block with a vpn though !

Next steps …

Log out of your Netflix account.

Open your NordVPN acount, and change the vpn server to any country where Wonder Woman is not blocked.

We elected to connect to a server in South Korea, but you could just as easily connect to any of these other vpn server locations as well and it would also work: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Switzerland and Turkey.

Once you’re connect to the South Korean vpn server, open up your web browser.

Pro Tip: clear your browser cookies before logging again. This is not absolutely neccessary to do (we didnt do it), but it’s a good tip to have up your sleeve in case you run into any issues.

Navigate back over to Netflix, login to your Netflix acount as normal.

Search for Wonder Woman again … BOOM!, you are now connected to the Netflix South Korea library, and Wonder Woman is now available for you to watch.

How easy was that !

Our top VPN Recommendation

Netflix has some pretty serious methods in place to try and detect and block access to their system via a VPN. Many of the cheaper and inferior vpn service providers simply don’t have the technology in place to bypass restrictions put in place by Netflix. So our recommendation is not to waste your time and money with inferior vpn service providers. If you want a hassle-free vpn connection that can reliably get around Netflix geo-blocks,  we strongly recommend that you head straight over to NordVPN. We’ve tested it ourselves, and it worked perfectly. Here are a few more reasons why we strongly recommend NordVPN:

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With impressive unblocking performance, exceptional reliability and speed, NordVPN is one of the biggest VPN services with over 4,800 servers in more than 60 countries all around the world. They have vpn servers in all of the locations where Wonder Woman is available on Netflix, including: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, South Korea, Switzerland and Turkey.

It supports all the major operating systems, provides unlimited bandwidth and data with blasting fast streaming speed on every vpn server, NordVPN will meet your expectations. Your streaming service will be smooth and buffer free. When watching streamed content such as Wonder Woman, having a lagging connection is the last thing that you would want. We’ve tested NordVPN from our office locaction here in the USA, and experienced excellent streaming speeds when connected to our Netflix account.

In addition to being able to unblock region-restricted content on Netflix, we’ve also successfully tested NordVPN with other streaming services. With a NordVPN subscription, you can also successfully unlock overseas content from Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer.

An added benefit to all of this is the security features that come standard with all NordVPN subscriptions. When you connect to a NordVPN server, your data is automatically encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which offers military grade data encryption and security for your internet and web browsing data. With this level of protection, you can feel safe knowing that Governments, ISPs, your school, workplace, or indeed anyone, are not able to intercept and read your data. Your internet privacy is protected.

If you are still a little unsure for any reason, it’s good to know that they offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee. You can signup and use their vpn service, and if for any reason you are not completely happy, you can just contact them and request that they cancel your service and get a full refund (within 30 days). We’re pretty confident that you won’t need to use this service feature, but it’s peace of mind to know it’s there for you anyway.

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About Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman was one of the best movies of 2017. It’s become a serious fan favorite and it’s one of the titles you simply have to see. The highest reviews support the popularity of this movie and featuring Gal Gadot as an Amazon princess. The female superhero storyline starts when her idyllic life is interrupted by the crash of a World War I pilot. When she finds out about the war in the rest of the world, she vows to use her superpowers to stop it. Of course, as with all the superhero movies, nothing goes to plan and a lot of fighting and action follow.

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