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Having your internet traffic encrypted during all of your online activities is essential to keeping yourself and your devices safe online. Without a secure connection, you’re opening yourself up to monitoring or tampering of your devices and online activities, whether you believe it or not.

ExpressVPN is already considered one of the industry leaders when it comes to internet security and encryption of digital communication. The VPN has servers in more than 90 countries, and boasts its own fibre optic network, so speed is unrivalled. Now, there’s a new addition to the ExpressVPN suite – the addition of HTTPS Everywhere.

The new HTTPS Everywhere service is enabled on ExpressVPN’s browser plugin by default which means your browser is directed to the HTTPS version of websites only – meaning that you’re accessing a version that is a lot safer than simple HTTP. The service even works when the VPN isn’t connected!

HTTPS Everywhere, Forever Secure

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a non-profit who stands by and defends free speech as well as online privacy, developed the HTTPS Everywhere service in 2014, though the service has undergone routine updates to become more stable and secure.

Over at ExpressVPN, the company shares the very same values as the EFF team and has decided to bring the benefits of HTTPS Everywhere to all users of ExpressVPN’s Chrome extension. This means that anyone connecting via the VPN can be assured that their connection isn’t just routed through a secure VPN, but the connection is also pushed through HTTPS.

There is a toggle in the extensions menu which will allow users to switch HTTPS on and off, though your browser will typically favour a HTTPS connection over a HTTP one. When HTTPS Everywhere is enabled however the browser will be forced to visit the site via the HTTPS option, so you won’t have to check the security certificate for confirmation, you’ll just know you’re browsing in the most secure way available.

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By using HTTPS you’ll be able to browse the web knowing that your device’s connection to a website is stable and secure. This way there’s no chance of a hacker or any type of malware breaking through the connection and tracking you or stealing your data. There’s a good chance you already know when you’re connected to a HTTPS site, and that’s when your browser shows the little green padlock next to the website’s address. It also might simply say ‘Secure.’

Currently, there are still a lot of websites that don’t support the HTTPS standard, so your browser will be pushed back to HTTP. Now, this isn’t terrible and doesn’t mean you’re immediately going to be hacked, it simply means that the connection is less safe. By using ExpressVPN and HTTPS Everywhere you’ll be in good hands as the extension will make sure your connection is secure, and will also block any man-in-the-middle attacks that frequently come from HTTP sites.

ExpressVPN and HTTPS Everywhere, Multi-layered Security

Having your device connected to a VPN is already one of the best things you can do for your security and anonymity, but when you pair a guaranteed HTTPS connection you’re effectively creating a near-impenetrable connection. This will ensure you’re not only browsing in a secure way, without the risk of being tracked or having your data stolen, but will also mean that hackers, as well as your ISP, aren’t able to see or access anything you’re doing.

Simply: pairing both HTTPS Everywhere and ExpressVPN will mean you’re browsing entirely anonymously and your connection isn’t able to be hijacked and your device’s security compromised in any way.

More information

If you would like more information about HTTPS Everywhere offered by ExpressVPN (or to signup for one of their top-notch vpn plans) you can head over to their website by following the link below:

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