Is the movie Divergent on Netflix?

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The action movie Divergent is not currently accessible in the Netflix USA library because of licensing agreements. But the movie is available on other Netflix content libraries including England, Mexico, Finland, Austria, and Ireland. Fortunately, you can still access and watch Divergent while staying in the USA with the use of a Virtual Private Network or VPN. By shifting the traffic to an overseas server located in an unrestricted location, Netflix will be tricked to think that you are not from the USA but from a different country. Thereby, Netflix will make this adventure movie accessible to you while you are located in the USA without any restrictions.

Listed below are the international Netflix libraries that currently include this movie:

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Divergent revolves around a futuristic world with the society split up into five groups each depicting a different virtue. Upon entering adulthood, each teen has to choose a group for which they have to commit for a lifetime. Ever since Divergent was released in 2014, it has become one of the most sought out movies on Netflix. The main character, Tris selects Dauntless, yet she is actually a Divergent meaning she cannot fit into one group. Revealing Tris’s secret can destroy her life as well as her loved ones.


Theo James, Shailene Woodley, Zoë Kravitz, Jai Courtney, Ray Stevenson, Ashley Judd, Kate Winslet, Tony Goldwyn

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How to watch "Divergent" on Netflix in the USA

There is a way to watch Divergent on Netflix, even when it isn't available in your regular Netflix USA library. This involves changing your Netflix country using a fast, safe, and reliable VPN. Follow these quick and easy steps, and start streaming Divergent now:

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