iVPN Review

iVPN review
iVPN review

IVPN is an excellent VPN service provider that delivers impressive performance on all platforms. They have an incredibly responsive client. Their prices are on the higher end of the spectrum, but the overall package is worth subscribing to. Monthly package is for $15 per month, but you can bring it down to $8.33 per month by paying $100 for a year. Expensive? Certainly. If you ask me, I would always recommend getting the one-month package before going for the full yearly deal.

IVPN offers only one service plan. If you subscribe for the annual plan, you will receive attractive discounts. Monthly and quarterly plans are somewhat expensive. There is a 3-day free trial, so make sure you try that before spending $15 (although the services are good).

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Refunds are available for only 7 days except under exceptional circumstances. So, if your dissatisfaction stems from a fault on their network, you will be refunded even if the request was made after 7 days. If it was due to a problem on your end, your request won’t be honored. IVPN accepts a variety of payment options including PayPal, credit cards, and Bitcoin. If you are extremely concerned about your privacy, choose the last option.


IVPN has 21 servers in 12 countries. They don’t have servers in Australia, South America, or Africa; however, this does not have a lot of impact on the speed of their connection. IVPN is headquartered in Gibraltar, a region known for its respect for digital privacy. They don’t store logs, so your sessions will be safe.

IVPN is committed to keeping the internet safe and free. They offer shared IP addresses for privacy conscious users. Shared IPs are much less identifiable than unique IPs. You can use their service on up to three devices at the same time.

Security & Privacy

IVPN does not keep user logs. This shows their commitment to online privacy and security. They permit P2P sharing, but you have to use a non-US server for this purpose.

They encrypt the data channel using AES 256-bit keys. You don’t need any higher levels of encryption to keep your online sessions safe and private. Port forwarding is off by default but you can enable this feature.


They offer excellent setup guides and a detailed FAQ section. There is no live chat facility. They also offer about 20 free guides on privacy and technology. These guides explain a lot of things you need to learn to stay safe on the internet. They also offer support through their ticket based email system. Queries are usually answered within a day.

IVPN offers a dedicated client for Windows. It has all the features you need including auto-boot, a killswitch and a multi-hop connection. You have the option of keeping the Killswitch on all the time. This will ensure that all of your connections to the internet are within the VPN tunnel. If you enable this option, iVPN will direct all of your traffic through its encrypted tunnel even if you forget to turn it on. They have clients for practically all operating systems.


Speeds are above average across the board. You will have no difficulty browsing or streaming. IVPN supports a variety of operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android.

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IVPN is an excellent VPN service. They allow you to use their connection on up to 3 devices at the same time. Highly recommended for people who want to access geo-restricted content and get around government censorship.


  • Speedy connection
  • Strong encryption
  • Excellent Windows client
  • Supports P2P sharing
  • Supports up to 3 simultaneous connections


  • Somewhat expensive
  • There is no Live Chat support.
  • Lacks servers in continents like Australia and South America


  • OS Compatibility: 5/5
  • Refund policy:  4/5
  • Network of servers:  3/5
  • Support: 3/5
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