Learn how your Smartphone can Keep you Safe

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Learn how your Smartphone can Keep you Safe

The popularity of smartphones has grown to unforeseen amounts. Even the creators could not have imagined that almost every other person would hold a smartphone in his or her hand so soon. The demand has grown tremendously, and what was once considered a luxury has now become a necessity.

Smartphones help people get a lot of things done. From making calls and sending text messages to listening to music and paying your bills, smartphones help you out with everything. However, not many people know that smartphones can also help in keeping you safe.

Smartphones can keep you safe

There are apps in the marketplace of your smartphone to help you get a lot done. Along with other apps that are related to games, music, social media, banking, etc., you can find apps that are put there to keep you safer. Today, we will tell you about some of those apps and ways in which your smartphone can keep you safe.

  1. Emergense

Emergense is an app which allows you to notify people in your contact list if you find yourself in an unsafe or dangerous situation. You have to select three people from your contact list in the beginning for this purpose. Then, whenever you find yourself in a fix, you can hit the panic button which starts the application. As soon as that happens, live audio and video feed from your device is sent to the three people you chose, along with your GPS coordinates. The app can run with the phone locked, which is another advantage. Moreover, it provides two way texting between yourself and a trained specialist, who can talk to you and ascertain if the authorities need to be notified about your situation and location.

  1. SafeSnapp

This app requires action on your part. SafeSnapp allows a user to send a message with images of the suspicious person as well as the GPS coordinates of the user to his or her emergency contacts. To successfully send images, you need to hit the app’s icon and then point the device towards the suspicious person so that his or her images are taken. An email is sent as soon as that happen, even if your phone is snatched away from you.

  1. MyForce

MyForce is another handy app that provides you safety in dangerous or possibly dangerous situations. It takes the help of a live agent monitoring your audio feed whenever you start the app. The app can pinpoint your location using GPS. You can also use it when you are not feeling safe in everyday situations, like walking alone during the night on a deserted street. The live agent listens to your audio feed until you hit cancel. In case an emergency is detected, dispatchers contact 911.


Smartphones have a lot of apps for a lot of different purposes, but safety apps are something that make smartphones truly amazing. Technology should always be used for the good of the user, and smartphones as a technology have the widest reach in today’s world. These are just three such apps that provide safety to users. You can find out more apps of this kind on your particular app store.

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