Most Pirated Movies of 2017

James Patterson | 19 Jan 2018

With 2017 having just finished and the new year of 2018 upon us, it’s timely to take a look back over the last year to review movie trends. In this article below we take a look around the leading torrenting sites on the internet to review the top most pirated movies in 2017.

Action and horror were the two leaders, with DC’s Justice League taking the number one spot and Stephen King’s uber-famous ‘IT’ returning in an 80’s themed terrifying remake of the original 1990 film. Other films on the leading ladder were one of 2017’s greatest Sci-Fi films, Blade Runner 2049, a visually stunning sequel to the 1982 film.

Knocked from the top of the list these holidays were American Made, mother!, Whatever Happened to Monday?, and unexpectedly, Thor Ragnarok.

Continue below to take a look at the most pirated films of 2017:

1. Justice League

One of the seasons most hyped films and an unexpected under-performer by Warner Bros. standards, Justice League features your favourite DC superhero’s Superman and Wonder Woman fighting to save the world alongside The Flash, Batman, Aquaman and Cyborg. The group, assembled by Batman and Wonder Woman must win the fight against Steppenwolf in order to stop the evil Darkseid’s loyal followers from finding three artefacts on earth which would result in catastrophe.

2. IT

By far the years most anticipated horror, IT lived up to all expectations and even garnered an 88% Google User approval rating. IT, now set in the 80’s rather than the 50’s like the original film, provides a solid storyline of a group of boys (of which included Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard) who are searching for an evil creature who can be seen in a number of their towns books and historical artefacts. Nothing could prepare them for Stephen King’s horrifying IT.

2. Kingsman: The Golden Circle

The action-packed hysterical comedy returns with a number of new A-list celebrity cast members, including the hilariously-rude Elton John, Julianne Moore and Halle Berry. Kingsman: The Golden Circle takes Eggsy (Taron Egerton) and his American counterparts (Channing Tatum and Jeff Bridges) on a mission to uncover the ringleader of a worldwide drug ring who is holding hundreds of millions of people hostage with a drug.

4. Bright

In an alternate 2017, Bright is set in a world where humans, orcs and fairies all live in harmony and have done so eternally. The film takes Scott Ward (Will Smith) and Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton) on a mission to ensure the world isn’t destroyed by a centuries-forgotten historical artefact, protecting a teenage female elf along the way.

The Netflix Original nabbed a 93% from Google users and was the streaming giants first foray into cinema with a stunning $90 million box office on top of 11 million streamers in its first weekend.

5. Dunkirk

Christoper Nolan’s first history film, Dunkirk, gives audiences an insight into the WWII evacuation of British troops from France’s northern town of Dunkirk. Troops, under relentless attack from Germany, were evacuated from all over France and taken to Dunkirk where any and all naval boats were used to get them out of the country. The film see’s the successful evacuation of 300,000 troops.

The film was given a 92% by critics on Rotten Tomatoes and was a box office juggernaut bringing in over $520 million.

6. The Mountain Between Us

After surviving a plane crash in the mountains, Alex Martin (Kate Winslet) and Ben Bass (Indris Elba) are forced to survive in the harsh terrain and blistering cold. Upon realising that there is no chance of any help on the way the two must find the strength to make their way through hundreds of kilometres of snow and mountain ranges to locate any sign of civilisation, finding their inner strength and spirit along the way.

7. Blade Runner 2049

In a hyper-advanced almost-apocalyptic society, a new blade runner for the LAPD, Office K (Ryan Gosling), discovers a secret which, if revealed, could completely deteriorate an already unstable and volatile society. Throughout the film, Officer K is on a personal mission to find out as much as he can about this concealed secret.

The film was given an 87% by critics and was the number 1 film in 45 markets, with a $258 million box office.

8. Coco

One of 2017’s most anticipated children and family flicks, Coco, follows the life of a young Miguel who’s dream of becoming a famous musician leads him to the ‘Land of the Dead’ which is a magical, colourful, dreamy place. Miguel learns all about his family’s history and their love of music and their fight to get him home before he’s trapped in the Land of the Dead.

The film has been critically acclaimed as one of 2017’s greatest films and received a 97% from critics and is well on its way to $600 million at the box office.

9. Flatliners

A modern adaption of the 1990 film, Flatliners follows a group of college kids who make the foolish decision to medically kill themselves to gain insight into what is after death. This results in demonic paranormal creatures and consequences causing the kids to go insane and suicidal.

The film was savaged by critics and received one of the lowest ratings on Rotten Tomatoes with just 5%.

10The Foreigner

Centred around Quan Ngoc Minh (Jacki Chan) on a mission to find those responsible for murdering his daughter in a terrorist bombing. Quan soon uncovers that his home country, England, could have links to those who killed his daughter. The film received an ordinary 62% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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