Most Pirated TV Shows of 2017

Most Pirated TV Shows of 2017

They’re here, 2017s most pirated TV shows have been revealed by TorrentFreak and, you guessed it, Game of Thrones topped the list for the 6th year in a row.

The peak number of downloads for HBO’s Game of Thrones was over 400,000. Although a substantial number, it didn’t break any torrenting records, this was mainly because 2017 saw a vast majority of users migrate to online streaming websites to watch their favourite shows, rather than torrenting them and this streaming data is far more difficult to analyse.

Whilst the team at does not in anyway condone illegal file sharing or torrenting, it is indeed very interesting to see what is happening out there across that landscape. We prefer to recommend VPN services to enable location spoofing (to overcome geo-blocking restrictions), and as a robust online security tool to protect your online privacy.

And now for your viewing pleasure, we present the Most Pirated TV Shows for 2017:

  1. Game of Thrones

Set in a fictional medieval world a number of aristocratic houses are engaged in a bloody civil war to determine who should be the king. A beautiful and privileged princess is desperate to find out where she fits in the world. On top of all this, there’s also a looming threat from an unknown evil force in the lands’ North.

  1. The Walking Dead

Everything in Atlanta was entirely normal until a virus outbreak caused all of its inhabitants to become zombies. Rick Grimes, a former police officer, who was shot and in a coma wakes in hospital to find his city entirely decrepit and overrun with zombies. He forms a group of survivors in the city and they must fight to survive in the post-apocalyptic zombie-filled world.

  1. The Flash

Centred around Barry Allen (The Flash) who is raised by a detective, Joe West, following the murder of his mother, the show follows Barry’s mission to uncover the truth about his mother’s death. Barry is a geek who is obsessed with the sciences and particle acceleration resulting in a friendship with a scientist whose experiment goes wrong, resulting in a freak storm and leading to Barry to be struck by lighting, which gave him super speed.

  1. The Big Bang Theory

The comedy focuses on the lives of two geniuses, Leonard and Sheldon, and their friends Howard and Raj, and their social awkwardness as a result of them being too smart. Penny, their neighbour, is a streetwise, beautiful and motivated woman whose role in their lives is to attempt to make them as less-awkward as possible.

  1. Rick and Morty

A missing grandpa, Rick Sanchez, unexpectedly arrives at his daughters’ home after being missing for 20 years. Rick befriends one of Beth’s children, Morty, and the two go on some of the most insane and unexplainable adventures in alternative timelines, within the brains of aliens and in the farthest reaches of the universe.

  1. Prison Break

Prison Break centres around Michael Schofield, the brother of a wrongly-convicted man put on death row. Michael makes it his mission to break his brother out of prison, even if it means he must be arrested and imprisoned himself. During his deliberate measures in order to get himself jailed he makes some unexpected new friends.

  1. Sherlock

A modern take on Conan Doyle’s original Sherlock characters, the 21st century Sherlock Homes lives in a mystery-filled and crime-infested London where he is the main contact for the police department who are normally unable to find answers or capture criminals using conventional methods. Sherlock Holmes uses a number of strange and unorthodox techniques to solve some of the most complex and intricate mysteries with his sidekick, Dr John Watson.

  1. Vikings

Vikings, set in the 9th century, features the life of a legendary hero Ragnar Lothbrok. The series follows Ragnars many escapades and his family’s lives as he rises to become the King of all the surrounding Viking clans. The show also reveals Ragnar’s deep connections to the Nordic gods and his supposed connection to Odin, the god of warriors.

  1. Suits

Mike Ross is a college dropout and an extremely business savvy and driven businessman and has turned to a life of crime, Ross had experienced a drug deal gone wrong and while on the run he unintentionally slipped into a job interview with one of Manhattans leading lawyers, Harvey Spector. Suits follows Mike’s business life and his many run-ins with arch nemesis Louis.

  1. Arrow

A billionaire heir, Oliver Queen, has his world turned upside down when he and his fathers’ luxury yacht sinks. Oliver becomes stranded on a deserted island where he must fend for himself, leading him to become a highly trained and impossibly strong. Oliver eventually returns to his home, Starling City, and is on the hunt for corrupt businessmen who his father listed for him.

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