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The team over at NordVPN have been working hard for the past few weeks. Since the 24th of May, there has been a new mini-network of servers launched in a number of locations and those are now up and running! The new locations are spread across a host of countries and will mean that you’ll have even more server options per country than ever before! For speed buffs; that should help with speed choices too.

Just to summarise, a service that has a lot of VPN servers is a service that provides you with the most online freedom. You’ll be able to keep your speeds high, your experience seamless and browse from almost any country on earth.

NordVPN can now boast 4,494 servers in 62 countries and that means it’s in the top 3 VPN providers in the world for server diversity.

New NordVPN Server List

In just the last two weeks NordVPN has added brand new servers in 11 countries, and we’ve listed those servers from NordVPN’s website, and their locations below:

  • Canada #315-334
  • Chile #6
  • Finland #34-37
  • Netherlands #312-331
  • Singapore #114-115
  • Slovakia #11-22
  • South Africa #15-18
  • Sweden #112-115
  • Taiwan #14-15
  • United Kingdom #645-656
  • United States #1858-1861, 2328-2331, 2356-2391, 2396-2411, 2452-2479

NordVPN didn’t just focus on new locations and forgot about their original locations though. Servers in Germany, Spain, Italy, Malaysia and the United States are all being overhauled for better browsing speeds, security and general performance. That means all of the servers you usually connect to will be getting even faster!

If you’re concerned about the update stopping your access then you’ll be happy to know everything’s taken care of automatically. The applications on Android TV, iPhone, Android and PC and Mac will automatically connect to the backup servers and you’ll be connected to the brand new ones as soon as they come online!

If you want some more info on NordVPN like their plans and service, then head over to the NordVPN website

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