Proxy SH vpn review
Proxy SH vpn review is a Seychelles based VPN service provider that puts extra emphasis on keeping your online sessions private and secure. They use strong encryption techniques. Also, they have a ‘non logging’ policy. Both of these are good reasons to consider their service. They also support a variety of payment options. I am always more comfortable with VPN services that are located outside the US because they don’t have to turn in their records to the government or any other authority. That said, many US based VPN services don’t keep user logs, so that’s a safe point. focuses on keeping your sessions private and anonymous. You only need an email address to join their network. Maybe an average user does not require this level of anonymity, but if you are searching for a very private VPN, you will find it at Unfortunately, their download speeds are average. So before subscribing to their VPN, you have to decide whether anonymity and privacy are more important to you than speed.

visit: VPN offers four price plans – Quick, Basic, Solid, and Pro. All packages offer the same functionality; however, they differ in the amount of bandwidth and servers offered. Most of their packages offer 1Gbps of shared bandwidth. The Pro plan offers 50 Gbps.

Users who subscribe to the Quick package will only be able to access 2 VPN locations (Ukraine and the US). ‘Basic’ subscribers will have access to 6 VPN locations whereas Solid subscribers have access to 19. Note that neither the Quick nor the Basic package offers access to UK servers. If you need it, you have to subscribe to the Solid plan. The Quick plan is for 72 hours, so if you want to use their service for a short time, this is a good option.

There is no money back guarantee or free trial. And they have several add-ons. For $1 per month, you can give a boost to your speed, and for $5, you can get multi-hop. The anonymous token service is for free.

Customer Service offers 24/7 technical support. They offer this support through their ticketing system. There is no live chat facility. Your queries will be answered in a few hours; however, sometimes this can take a couple of business days. I always prefer live chat, and if you’re like me, this could be a little problem.

Security and Privacy

Privacy and security are at the forefront of what offers. They don’t log anything. OpenVPN is the default encryption protocol they use. They also offer L2TP and PPTP. offers the payment option of Bitcoin. It is excellent for people seeking complete anonymity since with Bitcoin, they can’t get your details. They also offer payment through Cryptocoin.


Speeds are average or below average. Connecting to through their proprietary software Safejumper can at times be hit or miss. Overall, the performance was not very satisfactory. However, users subscribing to more expensive plans will be able to enjoy better speeds.

Compatibility works on a variety of platforms. They offer dedicated clients for Mac, Windows, and Linux. They also offer ‘how to’ guides that explain how you can setup their connection on other platforms like Android and iOS.

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If privacy is your chief concern, you should definitely consider If consistency or speeds are more important, you will want to consider another service.


  • Their emphasis on privacy
  • Offers Bitcoin and Cryptocoin payment options


  • Download speeds are somewhat unimpressive
  • Offers more bandwidth to users who subscribe to more expensive plans
  • No live chat
  • Connecting to certain servers is hit or miss


  • OS Compatibility: 3/5
  • Refund policy:  2/5
  • Network of servers:  3/5
  • Support: 2.5/5
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