Rainbow Six Quarantine – Gameplay and Release Date

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Rainbow Six is a long-lived series that brought tactical shooters to the mainstream through years of refining their gameplay and game mechanics.

Originally created by Red Storm Entertainment, the Rainbow Six series were based on Tom Clancy´s novel with the same name, written in 1998, that followed a team of the international anti-terrorist unit and their operations around the globe. The first games in this series were hardcore tactical shooters with a big f Tom Clancy´s novel with the same name ocus on strategic planning and assault execution.

With later installments like Rainbow Six Las Vegas, this series adapter many different features, changing the original formula. Those changes created bigger accessibility for PC and Console players around the world, as the multiplayer community grew bigger. With the experience gained with Rainbow Six Las Vegas, Ubisoft Montreal created their masterpiece to the date – Rainbow Six Siege.

Combining frenetic and intense gunplay with strategic elements like destructible walls and floors, as well as a huge amount of interesting gadgets, Rainbow Six Siege was able to innovate in the competitive shooter market and create a huge community around it. But now Ubisoft Montreal announced the newest installment in the series called Rainbow Six Quarantine. Right now we only have a trailer and some minor details.

Rainbow Six Quarantine gameplay

Developed by a new team at Ubisoft Montreal, Rainbow Six Quarantine is a team-based shooter that will try to take the successful formula of Rainbow Six Siege and add some horde survival to it. This cooperative multiplayer game is based on the Outbreak Event, a unique one-time event that was created for Rainbow Six Siege. This mode would pitch 3 players against an alien threat from outer space.

A mysterious Russian probe would crash on American soil and infect all around with the unknown virus. A small team of three operatives must make their way through hordes of infected enemies with a help of different weapons and gadgets.

Rainbow Six Quarantine takes this idea and expands on it, creating a unique and intense experience in the process. So far there is not much information or exact details on the gameplay. A short cinematic trailer and some quotes from the developers can give us some clues on what this game will look like. As said by the developers inside Ubisoft Montreal, Rainbow Six Quarantine is a deep, radically re-designer, full game experience with a true and passionate vision.

With 3 classes ( Assault, Recon, and Support) and some familiar characters like Ela and Vigil from Rainbow Six Siege, this game will also include different mission types like Sabotage, Disruption, Escort, and Hunt. With all that info, we could assume that this new Rainbow Six game will give us a unique mix of intense Rainbow Six Siege gameplay with this new Outbreak Event mechanics and game loops. But we won’t see its release till the next year in 2021.

Rainbow Six Quarantine release dates

During 2020, Rainbow Six Quarantine was delayed several times, as Ubisoft Montreal moved the release date further between January and March of 2021.

This game is confirmed for PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.

Similar to Rainbow Six Siege, this game will be available on Steam and Uplay. As the game developers are based in Canada, it’s likely to release first in that Steam region. If you want to get you hands on this game early on Steam, your best option is to grab a vpn and connect to a Canadian vpn server. That way you’ll be sure to have access to the game the moment it’s released, no matter where you’re located around the world. Details for how to unlock Rainbow Six Quarantine on Steam ahead of it’s scheduled release date in your country can be found in this post we recently did.

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