Samsung Secure Wi-Fi

James Patterson | 30 Dec 2017

Samsung Secure Wi-Fi

Samsungs latest security update brings one standout new feature. It’s own VPN service, Secure Wi-Fi, for Galaxy Note users.

Secure Wi-Fi is a VPN service developed by Samsung so users can more securely use the internet on public Wi-Fi as it encrypts all of a users internet traffic and blocks websites from viewing your usage. Samsung’s lower-end Galaxy J devices already feature Secure Wi-Fi, but with the introduction to the Galaxy Note8, it is the first time luxury devices are seeing the feature.

The pricing structure is fairly simple, with a free tier offering a 250mb cap each month, or $0.99 for unlimited 24 hours and $1.99 for an unlimited month, making it a cheaper alternative to other applications found in the Play Store.

What is Secure Wi-Fi ?

Unlike other VPN services on Android devices, Secure Wi-Fi is not available to download from the Play Store, as it isn’t a third-party app. Samsung has chosen to embed the service within its software, ensuring they have more control over the service and giving it more control over Samsung’s features.

Currently, the service is available on the unlocked international version of the Galaxy Note8 only, but this is most likely going to change in the future.

Samsung has made enabling the service effortless. Simply head to Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi, find the Advanced menu and enable Secure Wi-Fi and set it up. Then you’re all done.

If you wish to install a VPN on your device and don’t have access to Samsung’s Secure Wi-Fi VPN, there are a number of other VPN providers which offer a range of data caps, speeds, and pricing tiers. You can find our reviews and more information on these services in the Android Device tab above.

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