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Heidi Finigan | 5 May 2019

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As the internet in Australia becomes increasingly less free, your movements online become tracked and accessible to nearly every government agency who wants access. This becomes an issue when your privacy is breached for no reason at all. TunnelBear’s VPN blocks all of these internet offences with its bear-grade security encryption while ensuring a safe surfing experience.

Pricing and Plans

TunnelBear VPN offers a free and two premium plans for its VPN services. Both premium plans offer subscriptions as follows:

1 Month price:

  • $9.99 USD per month.
  • $9.99 billed every month.
  • Includes: unlimited data, 5 simulaneously connected devices, priority customer service.

1 Year price:

  • $4.99 USD per month.
  • $59.88 billed once per year.
  • Includes: unlimited data, 5 simulaneously connected devices, priority customer service.
  • Best Value: this Yearly plan represents a 50% saving over the regular Monthly plan.

Both of these subscription plans give you the ability to tunnel up to five devices simultaneously, block website trackers and also browse all the time privately.

TunnelBear - prices



For people browsing the internet in Australia, our movements are being recorded and this data is held for up to five years thanks to the government’s new data retention policy. There is also the upcoming policy looking to outright ban encryption of data. If you’re as adamantly against this as us, you’ll love TunnelBear’s feature set.

TunnelBear’s VPN hides your IP address and by doing so, conceals your physical location. That means website trackers, hackers and advertisements are kept at bay while surfing the internet. Using tunnelling capabilities, TunnelBear guarantees that you can enjoy a secure browsing from its servers located in its vast network of 20 countries.

Once tunnelled to one of these countries you can access blocked content without your ISP knowing. To ensure ultimate privacy, TunnelBear VPN does not keep track of any activity performed by its customers. Like other VPN services, TunnelBear also offers safe browsing while using untrusted networks like public Wi-Fi.


Security and Privacy

Encryption – TunnelBear VPN uses a Bear grade encryption – 256 bit AES encryption when providing its services across its users. Equipped with two VPN protocols, it uses OpenVPN on Android, Windows, and macOS and also IPsec/IKEVv2 which is best suited for iPhone. For authentication purposes, bear grade encryption is coupled with SHA256. That means even if you’re browsing in Australia, the data retention policies aren’t able to be executed for the communications and activities you’re performing.

For an even more secure and private browsing experience, TunnelBear’s VPN has a Ghostbear feature. This feature keeps you off the radar of government, ISPs and business agencies. This is made possible by scrambling the encrypted VPN data hence making it undetectable. Slowness is the only downside of Ghostbear.

Lastly, Vigilant Mode in TunnelBear makes your surfing unsusceptible to lurking threats. This mode keeps your data private while masking your location when your connection is disrupted, disconnected or when switching between different networks. This mode works for a small moment when your connection disconnects and reconnects. During this time, all unsecured data traffic is blocked.

TunnelBear VPN - data encryption



TunnelBear is designed to run on multiple platforms – Windows, macOS, Android and iDevices. It also features a browser extension and blocker for chrome and opera. TunnelBear features the fastest servers located in more than 20 countries to offer a worldwide network access to its VPN service – perfect for Australians looking for a VPN for US Netflix, Hulu and more.

TunnelBear VPN - server locations

For customer support services, the TunnelBear landing page has a section for help. This section is loaded up with a broad knowledge base with commonly and frequently asked questions. If a problem is not featured on the page, there is always a support staff to help you out. The help page is populated with articles such as getting started, Windows and macOS support, mobile devices help and also status updates.


Offering blazing speeds makes TunnelBear a fantastic choice for Aussies who want a VPN for their high-speed NBN. You don’t have to be stuck slowing down your 100mbps+ connection in order to have a secure experience.

Additionally, during peak times when Australian FTTN suburbs experience major slowdowns, TunnelBear’s VPN works to bypass this and cuts off evening throttling by ISPs. That means if you have an NBN connection, you’ll be getting your full speed at all times.



  • Has a kill switch
  • Bear grade encryption
  • Five simultaneous connections
  • Browser extension
  • Smart security features
  • Supports 20 server locations


  • Does not support P2P services

Bottom line

An unthrottled, secure internet is something every Australian wants and with TunnelBear you’re bringing that one step closer. TunnelBear VPN meets almost all expectation of a great VPN such as preventing ISPs from monitoring user activity as well as it doesn’t log user’s activity. Using TunnelBear VPN, you can safely bypass restrictions and access blocked sites, surf the internet without being tracked and stream at lightning speeds.


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