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As password hacking has become common, most people rely on password managers. There are security breaches occurring practically every single day and companies keep their systems regularly updated to make sure they are safe from hackers and malicious entities.

Many companies ask their employees to use VPNs to ensure that their data is encrypted and thus safe from hackers. This way, even if the hackers try to break into a system, they will get encrypted data packets that cannot be hacked.

TunnelBear is among the top VPN providers and is trusted by millions of clients over the world. It has its own apps that let you connect on the go and secure your sessions even if you’re traveling. To keep things more secure for you, TunnelBear has now launched RememBear, a password manager tool that’s available on all major platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It’s also available as a browser extension for Chrome. Extensions for Firefox and Safari are currently in progress.

A fun interface

The best part of the TunnelBear app is that while it’s straightforward and simple, it’s also fun to use. There are cute animations. For example, you’ll see a bear tunneling across continents to find new locations to connect to. The app helps casual users use a VPN without going into too many details on how a VPN works. It keeps the browsing and emails secure while keeping things simple.

Most other apps are geared towards more technical users and have a plain interface with a lot of technical options. While TunnelBear can be customized by advanced users as well, its regular interface is fun and interactive and helps an average person understand and connect with a VPN.

While RememBear works just like any other password manager, the one thing that sets it apart is its fun user interface. There are no many people who use password managers and it’s only because of the complicated functionality that people avoid using these tools. It can also save your bank and credit card information and can auto-fill the info when you’re making purchases on various websites.

RememBear encrypts all the passwords and stores them securely. It can also create random strong passwords for you so that you can always stay secure. The passwords generated by it are long and strong. And the app can remember them so that you don’t get locked out of your accounts. And if you’re already using a password manager, it can import your existing passwords from other apps such as LastPass and 1Password.

RememBear is currently in its beta phase and developments are being made on it. It’s free to use. When the final version will be released, it will come with a subscription option. TunnelBear is a renowned name in the world of digital security, and people have high hopes with RememBear.

If you’re a less tech-savvy user who is not currently using a password manager because of their complexity, you might want to try RememBear as it is simple to use and comes with the reliability of TunnelBear.

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