VyperVPN Undergoes Major Server Overhaul

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VyperVPN server overhaul

This week, Golden Frog announced that over the past few months VyperVPN has been undergoing a major server overhaul with an integral focus on speed, stability and security. 

The company outlined that as they are the sole owners of their VyperVPN network they are able to replace and adapt their infrastructure in a way that most other VPNs cannot. This means they are able to control the engineering side of their servers as well as their continued expansion throughout the world. 

VyprVPN Server Overhaul

One of the biggest changes to Vyper’s VPN service is the focus on a massive expansion and upgrade of servers in Europe. The company stated that all server architecture in Europe is being re-engineered and will now be much faster and more secure. 

The European service update has been completed and users can now expect to see a hefty 2-3x speed increase along with increased security and a more stable connection. 

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These changes will extend beyond Europe in the coming months with Vyper said to be focusing on providing all users worldwide a better and more ‘superior experience.’ 

Golden Frog’s VP of Technology has commented on the server overhaul sating that “We’re in the privacy and internet freedom business.” Following on to say that “We want to protect customer’s data, so unlike our competitors, we don’t use cloud servers, we use physical hardware. These upgrades will go a long way in improving our speeds & increasing our security.”

You can expect to see continued server upgrades from VyperVPN in the coming months. Stay up to date with these changes on VPNCompass. You can read our extended VyprVPN review of their services here, or head straight over to their website now and signup for one of their vpn subscriptions (available on monthly and yearly).

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