What is Geo-Spoofing and how it protects your Privacy

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Protecting your information has never been more critical than it is today. Not only are hackers, spies, and the National Security Agency looking to steal your data, social media websites are farming it out to the highest bidder. The demand for safety has created a market for virtual private networks (VPN) that not only keep your data secure; they also make it nearly impossible to track your digital footprint. However, competition is stiff among these companies, forcing them to adapt quickly to an ever-growing market. One of these innovations is the global positioning system (GPS) spoofing feature found in Surfshark’s VPN.

What is GPS Spoofing?

Global positioning systems are the de-facto way of navigating from one location to another. They can take you from point A to B in the shortest or cheapest route possible. Typically, a GPS works by listening to the numerous satellites orbiting the Earth to pinpoint your location. However, this system is vulnerable to exploitation through either software or hardware. As by the time the signals reach your device from space, they’re weak enough to digitally manipulate.

GPS spoofing exploits those vulnerabilities. It uses radio transmitters to interfere with the satellite signals around you. Either through blocking your location or transmitting inaccurate data. However, while in the past, doing this, required thousands of dollars’ worth of expensive equipment, nowadays, it’s much cheaper. Indeed, a mere $100 is enough to purchase a close-range GPS spoofing device.

What Does GPS Spoofing do for me?

Virtual private networks mask your internet protocol (IP) address while browsing the web. However, the apps from your phone don’t use your IP to locate you. Instead, they rely on your cellphone’s GPS signal to track your movement. This “feature” provides them with information they can use to send you targeted ads while using the app. Using GPS spoofing can avoid this problem by preventing them from getting your current location or movement patterns. Thus, not only will you be providing them with useless information, you can keep yourself safe.

However, tech-savvy individuals might ask themselves if they can’t simply turn off the GPS feature on their phones while using apps. Theoretically, that’s a sound decision, but in practice, it’s ineffective. Most apps require your location to use all their features. It’s a part of the user agreement when downloading the apps. Surfshark’s GPS spoofing allows you to get the most out of your apps without sacrificing your safety or privacy.

Surfshark GPS Spoofing

SurfShark is one of the only VPN service providers on the market that includes the GPS Spoofing functionality in their app – without the need to download and install any 3rd-party applications or apps. At the moment, the SurfShark GPS spoofing feature is only available on their Android app. The way that it works is that once the feature is activated, your GPS location is updated to report it as the same VPN server location that you’re connecting to.

Netflix on your phone network uses the location of either your Wi-Fi or your GPS. Using GPS Spoofing allows you to watch other countries’ Netflix without the use of a home network. Just activate the feature, and you’re watching Japanese Netflix as if you were in Nihon yourself.

One thing that you can’t do through the use of Surfshark’s VPN, however, is trick Pokémon Go. Numerous websites claim that you can use GPS spoofing to play the game from anywhere in the world. Yet, Surfshark themselves clarified that this feature isn’t compatible with Pokémon Go. To use GPS spoofing with the game, you’ll need to instead download and install a third-party module into your device along with the VPN. Not only risking your security but also potentially voiding any liability from Surfshark.

 How does it Work?

A VPN’s primary goal is to hide your presence from prying eyes. To this end, Surfshark gives you an additional tool for your protection. GPS spoofing overrides your physical coordinates with the server you select. By doing so, it prevents the app from reading your location and exploiting your data for financial gain.


GPS spoofing is another weapon for your safety arsenal. Stop companies from exploiting your data by using Surfshark’s VPN in conjunction with their other services. You’ll maximize the safety of your privacy and life.

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* Scammers, Governments, and Advertisers can use this information to track and target you.

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