Why You Need a Gaming VPN

Billy Swain | 19 Oct 2018

One of the main reasons you might be deciding against a VPN for the network you game on is the because you might believe that it could lower your latency. This is a genuine worry for a lot of Australian gamers, however, a gaming VPN or GPN might actually speed up your connection regardless of whether you’re on the NBN or not.

We’ll take a look below at a few of the ways a VPN will improve your gaming experience.

Accessing Games Early

As a VPN allows you to change your internet location, you’ll be able to access games from other countries. Often that means getting a hold of titles that aren’t planned for release in Australia for weeks or even months.

Faster Ping

Depending on where you are in Australia your internet’s latency or ‘ping’ might be too slow to game properly. That means when you’re playing multiplayer games you might be seeing the game slower than everyone else and making incorrect moves. A gaming VPN can fix this. You can choose a server that has a faster ping and reroute your game through that.

Lower Risk of Hacking

One of the main reasons for installing a VPN are the security benefits. Routing all of your online gaming activity through a VPN means it’ll be encrypted, location data will be scrambled and it might not even have any info with it at all. That way no one will know where you’re playing from and won’t have access to your data.

Block DDoS

An increasing issue in the gaming community is the hijacking of devices to be used in DDoS attacks. A gaming VPN will block access to your devices and that means criminals have no way to take control of them for any malicious reason.

Keep Gaming Anywhere in the World

If you leave Australia for a holiday or any other reason, you can connect through a VPN to a local Aussie server. That means you’re able to continue gaming on Australian-only games as well as through fast local servers – even if you’re on the other side of the world.

Choose any IP address

Often titles will require a specific IP address to play. That means Australians looking to play European-only games, for example, miss out unless they have a VPN. Having a gaming VPN installed means you’ll be able to select a European IP address in one click and continue with the game.

Why A Gaming VPN is Essential

In the past, multiplayer gaming was fairly unrestricted. No matter where you were in Australia, you could play with anyone on any device as long as you had a great internet connection. Fast forward to today and many ISPs throttle games, major game titles are restricted to certain countries and releases are delayed for most Australians.

Gamers who want the best experience continuously have to install a gaming VPN. These VPNs will give you access to any games you want, regardless of their release country and will also push back against ISP throttling.

If you’ve ever dealt with major lag or issues downloading large games then there’s a good chance your connection is being throttled. A gaming VPN will fix this. Those massive 50-hour download times for a 20GB game will be a thing of the past when you have an un-throttled internet connection thanks to a VPN.

A few of the best VPNs for gaming include ExpressVPN, NordVPN and Buffered. All of these services feature unrivalled bandwidth as well as their own fibre networks. That means no matter where you are in Australia you’ll be able to access the fastest internet speeds available.

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