Your iPhone needs a VPN

James Patterson | 1 May 2018

why your iPhone needs a VPN

One of the most common misconceptions about smartphones is that Apple products, and in particular iPhones, are resistant to any kinds of hacking or snooping. This is mainly down to the fact that Apple advertises that their devices are virus resistant, but that isn’t the case with snooping and data protection. Almost anyone on any network can tap your data and access it, but there is a way to prevent this and it’s with a VPN.

VPNs keep your iPhone safe

As the world continues to reel from relentless data breaches and personal privacy hacks there has been a major uptick in interest in VPN services, even from the less techy side of the internet. It seems everyone is becoming more aware of the fact that their data is unprotected at all times, and they want to find the best ways to stop this. Luckily, VPNs are here to help with this.

Typically VPNs were confined to Windows and macOS software, but now you’ll easily be able to access a number of VPN providers in the App Store, both for free and subscription-based, so there’s an option for everyone.

So, if you do own an iPhone, you should definitely have a VPN app on your device on standby.

Why do I need a VPN for my iPhone?

There are countless reasons you would want to have a VPN running on your iPhone, for security reasons or to allow you access to video streams from other countries. Below we take a look at the more security-based reasons you should have a VPN on your iPhone.

Public WIFI

Most people find themselves browsing the web, social media and texting friends on public wifi networks at their local cafes and shopping malls as well as public transport. These locations typically use open and unencrypted networks – very bad news for your privacy.

When you’re connected to an unencrypted network, out in public, your data is completely open for anyone to access, at any time. This means everything from your text messages, photos, passwords and any other data can be simply stripped from your device on these networks.

This is where a VPN is most helpful. The program ensures that all of your data is encrypted before leaving your device so that if a criminal or snooper does happen to gain access to it, they won’t be able to see what it is or be able extract any sensitive details from it.


Going overseas, or travelling interstate is also another time that you’ll want to use as many free wifi networks as possible, which also includes hotel wifi. These networks are often unsafe too and also disable access to many overseas websites, like streaming services.

Before you depart on your journey, no matter where it may be, you should download a VPN service, or subscribe to one to ensure you have a seamless switch over when you arrive in a foreign country. Don’t be cut off from all of your family and friends because a wifi network doesn’t support iMessage or other communication services.


Finally, privacy is one of the leading reasons you should install a VPN on your iPhone. This will not only protect your data and browsing from your ISP but also third party advertisers. On top of this, a VPN will also disable throttling on websites that are being slowed down by your ISP, so you can enjoy faster streaming speeds on Netflix and iTunes in Australia.

A secure VPN will ensure your browsing is completely secure and encrypted, as well as providing you with a secure way to purchase goods online without your ISP or advertisers knowing. Everything’s encrypted, secure and private.

Choosing the best VPN app for iPhone?

If you’ve determined that you’re going to download a VPN service for your iPhone you should make sure that it’s the best you can get.

A few things you should take into account are as follows:

Intuitive App Interface. The VPN app should be easy to download, easy to install, and easy to use. As the iPhone is the biggest seller by volume across most countries around the world, most of the big name vpn service providers have focused their efforts on building a useable and intuitive interface for their iphone apps.

A high server count. This means you’ll have a better chance of finding a server in the location you want to browse from, but also gives you a diverse choice of speeds to choose from.

No logging. A VPN that doesn’t store logs means it’s more secure and likely to be able to offer the most private experience. Your data isn’t recorded, in any way.

24/7 Customer Service to ensure you’re able to get the answers to any security or usability questions.

Latest encryption and security. As the top priority for your VPN, you should make sure it features the latest encryption methods and also comes with both a Kill Switch and DNS leak protection.

Best VPN for iPhones

After testing most of the leading iPhone vpn apps, our recommendation for best iphone apps for 2018 are:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. VyprVPN

To be honest, you really can´t go wrong with any of these iphone app offerings from these vpn service providers. All of them are big name players in the vpn world, and provide top-level security and privacy, presented in an intuitive and easy to use design. That being said, we found the ExpressVPN offering our personal favorite, mainly because the signup and setup process was so quick and easy on the iPhone 8 version that we tested it on.

PRIVACY ALERT: Websites you visit can find out who you are

  • Your IP Address:
  • Your Location: Ashburn, US
  • Your Internet Provider:, Inc.

* Scammers, Governments, and Advertisers can use this information to track and target you.

Our recommended vpn service provider for all-round internet security and online privacy is ExpressVPN. It offers an excellent selection of online security and internet privacy features, as well as the ability to unblock your favorite streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer). They currently have a Special Offer with 3 Months extra for free.

Visit ExpressVPN

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