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If you’re a Kodi user, you’ll know just how great the platform is for content. However, you might be looking to add a little more to your service, so we’re here to help! Without a doubt, the best way to get the most out of Kodi is to install some add-ons that best match your taste in film and TV. Of course, Kodi can be used as the central hub in your media library, which is perfect if you’re using the service on a smart TV. You’ll have access to everything in one app and be able to search and stream with ease.

However, it might be a little challenging to find the best places to watch movies and TV shows, especially if you’re new to Kodi and don’t know where to look. Luckily VPNCompass are on your side, and we’ve scoured the repositories and found some great choices! Take a look below at our best Kodi add-ons for 2024.

Setting Up Kodi Movie Add-ons

First things first, you’ll need to set up add-ons on your Kodi application.

To do this, open Kodi and simply head into ‘Add-ons’ where you’ll find a package-like symbol.

Once you’ve clicked the package, choose the ‘Install from Repository’ option.

Choose the add-on repository option and find the add-ons you’d like, or ones we suggest, and add them.

We also suggest investing in a VPN service for the device you’re using Kodi with. This is down to ISP throttling and prying eyes that may restrict or entirely prevent easy viewing with Kodi.

Our recommended VPN for Kodi is NordVPN thanks to its affordability, speed and excellent encryption. You’ll find global servers (which help your add-ons work correctly), and a great support team should anything go wrong.

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Our Top Pick Kodi Movie Add-ons

Now let’s get to the fun stuff! The list of our favourite Kodi movie add-ons for 2024!

BBC’s iPlayer

To start off our list, we highly suggest adding one of the most widely accessed services online — the BBC iPlayer. From the UK, the iPlayer is fantastic for those who love British programming as well as access to some fantastic UK drama, romance and comedy TV shows and film.

Access to BBC’s radio platforms is also available through the iPlayer add-on.

Tip: as iPlayer is exclusive to UK streamers, a VPN will be required if you’re in the US, Australia or anywhere else in the world.

Through NordVPN, just select the UK as your location when streaming and you’re ready to go.


When it comes to legally streaming movies, there’s not a lot better than FilmRise. The service works to acquire the rights of numerous films across multiple genres and offers them to customers for free.

There are two primary FilmRise services, though you’ll want to add the ‘FilmRise — YouTube’ option, which is where you’ll have access to their movies!

The FilmRise add-on is inside Kodi’s own repository, making it easy to find.


A second excellent film database is SnagFilms. The service, much like FilmRise, buys film rights and distributes the films for free. That means you’ll be able to stream as frequently as you’d like without concern about paying a fee or watching anything illegally.

The best part about SnagFilms is that it’s also found in Kodi’s official repository, so finding the service is as effortless as possible.


You’ll have likely heard of Crackle if you’ve spent anytime online, it’s the free ‘video streaming’ service made available by Sony Pictures. Not only does this make it a great service to use, but it’s also completely legal too!

Although you’ll find a number of classics and hidden gems in Crackle, you’ll also find a few blockbusters too, all for free!

Be sure to find Crackle inside eracknaphobia’s Repository.

Internet Archive

Another major database of free and legal films comes from Internet Archive, one of the worlds biggest libraries of classic films. If you can name a classic film, then there’s almost a certainty that Internet Archive has the title ready for you.

The best news is that there’s no subscription fee and the service is available worldwide. Just find the add-on in SuperRepo’s Repository.


Another insanely popular streaming service is TubiTV. There are a mind-blowing 50,000 titles on the service, and they’re all entirely free! The service doesn’t only stock older classics either, with over 500 titles being near-blockbusters, so there’s always something great to watch.

One issue you may bump into if you don’t have a VPN is geo-locking. A few TV shows and movies are location restricted, so on your VPN, you’ll need to change locations to see specific titles. Though, with NordVPN’s easy server switching, you’ll have no trouble.

You’ll find TubiTV in Kodi’s official Repository, making it easy to find.

Documentary Storm

For those Kodi users who love to get a little learning in, Documentary Storm is one for you. This service has hundreds of educational titles to keep your endless curiosity fulfilled. There’s also plenty of society-focused films, ensuring you’re aware of the world around you.

The service is, again, free and can be found on the MetalChris repository.

There You Have It

With all of the add-ons above, you’ll have no trouble having plenty of fun with Kodi in 2024 and the years to come. There’s always something new to watch, and when you want to throw it back, there are plenty of old titles too.

And remember, just a quick Google will find you a tonne more Kodi add-ons that we might’ve missed!

Now, all you’ll need to do is sign-up to a VPN, make some popcorn and get streaming with our top Kodi add-ons!

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