Category: Statistics

CyberBullying Statistics

With rising social media usage comes the problem of online harassment and bullying. How is cyberbullying happening on the internet during the current […]

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Cybersecurity and VPN Statistics

VPN Use and Cybersecurity go hand in hand. With Cybersecurity becoming a growing concern for many individuals, businesses and organisations, trends heading into […]

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Cord Cutting Statistics

The continued rapid technological advances and changing landscape in multimedia during have led to a major paradigm shift in work, businesses, and lifestyle. […]

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Hate Crime Statistics

In the wake of the recent crimes during in Atlanta against Asian minorities, the term “Hate Crime” has yet again come to the […]

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Identity Theft Statistics

Identity theft is one of the most pressing issues as we move further into 2021 which can have drastic adverse impacts on individuals, […]

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Protecting Children’s Privacy

In light of recent headlines during centred around social media platforms and various online websites failing to protect children’s privacy online, it’s completely […]

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Surveillance Camera Statistics

The number of CCTVs and other surveillance tools in place around the world has continued to grow at a staggering rate during . […]

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Working From Home Statistics

The popularity of remote working has been increasing over the last decade at a steady rate. However, with the global COVID-19 pandemic, much […]

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