How to Disappear Online Completely

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How to Disappear Online Completely

We live in a world where all our online movements are tracked by the government or other organizations that monitor our habits. Their reasons are different, but the common thing is that our right to online privacy is violated everywhere. People’s identities are stolen, and all their activity is monitored continuously.

Data breach attacks are becoming more and more frequent, with their severity increasing at a similar rate, if not more. In times like these, the need to disappear online is paramount in order to have some semblance of privacy while using the internet. We discuss how you can do it.

Disappear Online

  1. Avoid Using Google

The first thing that you need to do is stop using Google. We understand that Google helps you do almost anything on the internet, but if you want to disappear online, then stop using it. This is because Google constantly tracks your location and identity with great efficiency. Complete profiles based on your Google searches are created and maintained by the search engine. You could always use alternative search engines like DuckDuckGo, which is known for its no tracking no logging policy.

  1. Anonymizing Operating Systems

Anonymizing operating systems can be booted from a removable media each time you turn on your system. Linux Live Distro is a popular pick, while other live operating systems, like Tails, are also available. All these focus on the privacy and security of their users. Anyone wanting to disappear online can use these operating systems. You can also use virtual machines, or better still, overlap a Live OS with a VM.

  1. Use Anonymous Connection Methods

Disappearing online has a lot to do with hiding your geographical location, and this can be done by connecting to different locations and networks. It sounds a little tedious, and is a little tedious, but is simple enough to do, and the results are good enough. Special devices like ProxyGambit have been built just for this purpose. It connects you to your destination using a network that is quite far away from your system.

  1. Tor

The Onion Router is quite popular, with millions of people using it for privacy and anonymity on the internet. When you are using Tor-enabled browsers, all you need to do is enter a Tor network path. Your traffic will be directed through random Tor nodes. This helps you disappear online. But Tor nodes can be bypassed, which means you need additional security. Then there is the lapse in the connection speed as well. One good practise is to couple it with anonymizing operating systems.

  1. Avoid Credit Cards

Using credit cards in today’s world has its dangers. The usual suspect here is money laundering, but in recent years, credit cards have been used extensively for the purpose of identity theft. All online transaction services like PayPal are also directed through a bank account. To keep yourself protected and leave no trace of your financial activity, use cryptographic currencies like Bitcoin, where no trail can be found.


As was discussed in the beginning of the article, the need to disappear online is paramount. The internet is not a safe place, and the onus for keeping your identity and activity private is on the users. That is why we have provided these methods to help you disappear online completely.

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