How to bypass Internet Censorship in Europe in 2018/2019

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How to bypass Internet Censorship in Europe

The problem of internet filtering and censorship has been present in many countries of the world like China, Iran, etc. People of these nations cannot access basic websites and services like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, BBC, etc. People can only access websites which their governments allow them to.

Most developed nations of the world, with the exception of China, are free of this problem. However, that is changing fast, with more and more European nations censoring the internet in their countries heavily. Therefore, we provide you 5 ways to bypass internet censorship in Europe.

5 ways to Bypass Internet Censorship in Europe

  1. VPN

Using a VPN such as Express VPN is the most effective method to bypass internet censorship and filtering in Europe, or anywhere for that matter. A VPN connects you to your destination through an encrypted tunnel. Any traffic exchanged between your system and the internet passes through this tunnel and is encrypted, providing for a secure channel to share sensitive information. VPNs also mask your true IP address, which means they are useful in accessing blocked websites. Simple connect to a server where the website is unblocked and the problem is solved.

  1. Tor

Tor is a popular web browser which helps you use the internet anonymously. It uses a system of anonymous and independent nodes that connect you from one point to the other. Your request is taken from one node to the next until it reaches the destination address. The IP that is visible there is that of the final node, and since the final node is somewhere where the website is accessible, you can access it. It must be noted, though, that Tor is significantly slower than usual web browsing.

  1. Proxies

Proxies are remote computers that act as mediators between your system and the internet. They offer similar IP masking services as a VPN. One can use system-wide proxies offer to access blocked content, but they are usually limited to a few programs. Web-proxies are better when you only need to access blocked websites. They are free to use, do not require any configuration, and readily available. However, web-proxies are often blocked, so they aren’t as reliable. Since they are free to use, they are full of ads and the connections often disconnect. There are paid proxy services too, but you’ll be better off subscribing to a VPN, for it encrypts your connection as well.

  1. SSH Tunnel

SSH Tunnels are similar to VPNs, but not a lot of people have access to them. But if you have an SSH server, you can use it to bypass internet censorship in Europe. You will need to connect to your server remotely and then setup tunnelling service over it.  This will enable the redirecting of all your traffic on the secure connection. Doing so keeps you secure from snooping on Wi-Fi’s and helps you bypass internet filtering.


In this article, we talked about some methods to bypass internet censorship in Europe. The data retention laws of EU require ISPs to record and provide activity logs of users, which violates their privacy. Using the methods discussed above, you can keep yourself protected.

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