How to Watch Haikyuu in Order

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Over the last ten years, sports animation has taken over the film industry, with Haikyuu, an anime, leading in the list of sports series. 


Haikyuu first blew the screens in 2012, and since then, it’s had a lot of great content to keep its fans entertained. Although they are known for the series, Haikyuu also has OVAs and movies that are equally entertaining.


Although Haikyuu is easy to catch up on, for you to have an easy time, it’s best that you watch the series in the order of production. Regardless of the time that passes, Haikyuu never gets old; it remains relevant both for new audiences and those looking to rewatch the series. 


Haikyuu has options for everyone; those with a lot of time to catch up on a series and those with a few minutes to catch up on a film. Regardless of where you belong, there is something for you. 


In addition to the series, Haikyuu has several exciting OVAs that will keep you glued to the screens. Read along to grasp what you need to know as a Haikyuu fan.

Does Haikyuu Have Many Seasons?

Haikyuu has four complete seasons, but season 4 is split into two and has five OVSs. Despite the differing production years, all the seasons focus on the challenges and achievements the Hinata Volleyball team and Karasuno deal with to hit their target of reaching the nationals.


Now that you know the number of seasons Haikyuu has, let’s discuss the movies. The fantastic film has four movie parts, released from 2015 to 2017.

The Chronological Arrangement of the Haikyuu Series and Movies

Now that you know how the producers of the Haikyuu series, movies, and OVAs have arranged it chronologically, let’s discuss the series and why it’s so popular. 

1. Haikyuu

It started airing between April 6 and September 21, 2014, with Twenty-five parts. 


As Hinata was watching a National Volleyball Championship game, he suddenly developed a deep desire to play in the volleyball championship, which keyed him to joining a Volleyball team in school. However, after their first game, the team wasn’t so lucky. They lost to Kitagawa Daiichi, Hinata s favourite team. 


While the loss inspired him to work harder and devise a plan to beat Kageyama in their next game, a twist occurred; Kagemaya joined Hinata’s school, where they became teammates. You can guess what happens next; they fight every time, especially during practice. 

2. OVA: The Arrival of Lev

The official Arrival of Lev on the screens was on March 4, 2015, when it was produced as an OVA with only one episode. 


The episode bases its story on Volleyball players in Nekoma School; Lev Haiba, an interracial student (a mix of Russian and Japanese), joins Nekoma High School with the perfect height and the desire to join the school’s volleyball team. However, regardless of the ideal size, he lacked the skills to play volleyball, which gave their captain, Kenma Kozume, the most challenging time with him on the team.


Additionally, the team highlights a few scenes where Kageyama and Hinata were polishing for their Fukurodani camp training tests. 

3. Season Two, Haikyuu!

The second season was on the screens between October 3, 2015, and March 27, 2016. It has a total of Twenty-five parts. 


Karasuno gets an invitation to play against Nekoma High. But because Nekoma is a strong team, Kasaruno first joins a trainee volleyball champion like Nekoma or Shinzen had done to polish his skills. They all meet at the training camp to better their volleyball skills in readiness for the nationals.


However, to emerge victorious in the nationals, Kasaruno must work hard to improve their skills. Hence, Kageyama and Hinata began to plan ways they were going to improve their “attack” as a way to beat the other teams. However, they need to face and go beyond their problems for that to happen. 

4: OVA: Falling 

Falling Graded first aired on May 2, 2016, with one episode. 


The OVA comes after season two of Haikyuu, where unexpectedly, Kageyama and Hinata failed the group camping test. Hence, they were forced to redo and ace their test around the same time their training was. It was a hard time for both of them as they attempted to balance the movement and ace the test. 

5. Season 3 (Shiratorizawa High vs. Karasuno High)

The producers released the third season between October 6 and December 10, 2016. It has a total of 10 episodes. 


When Karasuno beat Aoba Johsai Highschool, they were awarded a chance to play at the competitive Spring tournament against Shiratorizawa School. However, to win Shiratorizawa is not a walk in the park, as their own Ushijima is a hard nut to crack; he has appeared in the top three Aces of Tokyo a couple of times.


As only one team will get to compete at the Nationals, Karasuno will have to overcome their setbacks and give their best effort for a chance at the Nationals. Both teams are excited to play at the volleyball nationals. 

6. OVA: Betting on the Spring High Volleyball

The OVA started airing on August 4, 2017, with one episode. 


Two newscasters are conversing about the long-awaited Spring tournament against the various high schools as they highlight the stars of the different teams. Afterwards, they began to talk about the previous competitions and what the fans should expect in the current round.

7. Season Four(Episode 1): To the top

The top film graced our screens between January 11 and April 4, 2020. It has thirteen episodes. 


After stiff competition with Shiratorizawa High, Karasuno beat them and took the most desired ticket to the finals. Kagemaya has been invited to a training at them and took the volleyball youth. Kei also attends some fact program to sharpen his skills, which makes Hinata feel left out after his friends goes for the training. 


However, he takes the feeling as motivation and decides to crash the camp his friend went to train, remembering he needed to ace the finals. Although the trainers positioned him as a small boy, he used that chance to gain critical information he planned to use against his opponents in the finals.


As the finals approached, Karasuno had to work hard to overcome their fears and strengthen their weak points if they were to get a chance to beat their opponents in nationals.

8. OVA: Sky vs. Land

It started airing on January 22, 2020, and had one episode. 


When the nationals approached, The qualifiers realised that there were only three spots left at The nationals, yet four qualified secondary schools wanted to play; Nekoma, Fukurodani Nohebi, and Itachimaya secondary schools. It was now up to the National Qualifiers of Tokyo to decide the team which team was qualified for the spot.

9. OVA: The Path of the Ball

Path of the Ball began airing on January 22, 2020. It had one episode. 


Nekoma’s on my chance to play at the Nationals is in the hands of Nohebi, a Volleyball giant and cheeky team that will do anything to win at the Nationals. However, to Nekoma’s advantage, Nohebi loses a key player when to a leg injury in the middle of the game. Therefore the remaining teammates have to quickly create a plan to get them the win they desire. 

10. Season 4, Episode 2: To the top 

Season 4 of Haikyuu aired between October 1 and December 19, 2020, with twelve episodes. 


Finally, Karasuno’s goal was to make it to the nationals. In their initial match, they played against Tsubakihara Academy; they did well in that match. However, playing against Miro’s brother was hard for Kagemaya. 


As the game continues, the more the team is cheered and jeered on by the fans and the opponents’ fans, which gives Kagemaya more inspiration to attack Hinata. However, the more the match continues, the harder it becomes for Kasaruno to beat Inarizaki.

Chronological List of Haikyuu Movies

1. Movie 1: Owen to Hijimari

Owen to Hijimari was the first movie of Haikyuu that started airing on July 3, 2015.


After Hinata had watched a Volleyball match on TV, he immediately developed a deep desire to become a professional volleyball player. However, his passion for being a star was almost cut short after Daiichi High defeated them in an inter-school match. However, that doesn’t bring him down, as he promises to beat them the next time they are opponents.


However, his plan failed when Kagemaya joined the school Hinata was studying, which made them teammates. As expected, their positions placed them against each other, but they had to put any difference they had against each other if they were to win at the Nationals level.

2. Movie 2: Shousha to Haisha

The second Haikyuu movie started airing on September 18, 2015.

Kasarano got invited to participate in an Inter-School preliminary, but when they got there, their opponents started mocking them by calling them “fallen Champions.” However, that title became irrelevant when Kasaruno defeated Date Tech High.

Date Tech is known to be a difficult team to beat, but Kasaruno was well-prepared for the game. 

3. Movie 3: Sainou to Sense

Movie number three started airing on September 15, 2017.


The main focus of this movie is the game between Kasaruno and Aoba high school and the new film Kasaruno adopts in an attempt to defeat Aoba High School.

The movie also highlights the challenges Kasaruno deals with as they attempt to defeat their opponents for a chance to compete at the National level.

4. Movie 4: Concept no Tatakai

The fourth part of Haikyuu started airing on September 29, 2017.

This movie begins when Kasaruno High takes the title home after they defeated Aoba Johsai Highschool. Afterwards, Kasaruno, the Qualifiers, place Kasaruno against Shiratorizawa Academy for the final game before the nationals. 


And like the other teams, Shiratorizawa Academy is also a tough team to beat. However, Kagemaya comes to Karasuno’s rescue and beats Shiratorizawa by striking their weakest link. 


Is It a Must to Follow Haikyuu in Chronological Arrangement?

It’s not just that you follow that order, but it’s best to do so to grasp all the details of the storyline.

It’s also optional to watch all the OVAs and movies to understand the story behind the film.

OVAs illustrate the storyline in many details compared to the series that show the general story of the movie, so it’s up to you to decide the version you want. 

What Should the Fans Expect?

You can be sure there will be other seasons and movies of Haikyuu in 2023. The producers promised the series would continue from season four in 2023, although they did not specify when Haikyuu will blow the screens. However, the producers will let you know if there are changes, like a new show. 

Is There a Free Version of Haikyuu?

You can catch up on Haikyuu for free in several ways. Here are the options:


  • Torrent: before anything, please note that this option is illegal as it’s considered copyright; Find someone who has subscribed to torrent and download from them.
  • Websites that stream films for free: There are several websites where you can stream Haikyuu for free. 


Although they are free options, they are still inaccessible in some countries. 


Torrent is relatively easy and safe to use, and you can stream regardless of where you are, then use a VPN to hide your IP address and make you anonymous. 


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