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Home and Away is a renowned Australian TV series widely broadcasted in countries like the United Kingdom for many years and has left an indelible mark on the screens. The viewership of beloved Australian shows like Home and Away and Neighbours has sadly declined in recent years, so finding a place to view them outside of Australia can be a struggle.

If you’re a die-hard fan of these series but don’t live in Australia, this guide is for you! It offers a simple, fast, and hassle-free way to watch your favorite show. Wherever you may wander across the globe, Home and Away will be there for you to indulge in, allowing your Summer Bay yearning to reach its fullest potential. Let’s get started with these simple steps:

Step 1: Pick Your Preferred Vpn Service Provider

Selecting the proper virtual Private Network application is critical is the right spot to start your journey to watching the Home and Away show or any other Australian show from Abroad. Whether for your phone, tablet, laptop, or any other device, a strong VPN service gives you the power to browse anonymously by altering your digital location.

A VPN app can give you access to content and services that may not be available in your current location. With 7Plus, you can watch Home and Away on your computer or with their convenient app. With a wide array of VPN applications, it can take time to determine which is right for you. Experts recommend ExpressVPN as your go-to option. Other significant options are at your disposal. Pick the best fit that offers speed and reliability, so streaming videos stay active.

Here are the top VPN options:

  • ExpressVPN – the undisputed champion: high-speed servers and feature packed!
  • NordVPN – thousands of vpn servers all around the globe.
  • SurfShark – a solid performer. Unlimited simulataneous device connections.

Step 2: Create an Account and download the VPN App

After picking your preferred VPN service, sign up and create an account with your VPN application. Just download the app, and you’ll be good to go! Investing in a reliable VPN app can benefit your budget, as buying the 12-month package is nearly 50% cheaper than paying per month. If you’re outside Australia for an extended period, this will save you even more money!

Follow these simple steps to register and instantly download the app:

  1. Visit any of the recommended VPN service providers, like ExpressVPN, and sign up for their service
  2. Subsequently, navigate to their website’s ‘Products’ section and download the corresponding app for your device type
  3. Launch the app and sign in with your account credentials
  4. Tap ‘Selected Location’ to proceed
  5. Then, select the “All” option
  6. Tap on the ‘Asia Pacific’ option
  7. Tap on the  “Australia” button
  8. Depending on the device, you may need to press “Connect.”

With ExpressVPN, you can watch whatever content you want from anywhere in the world, even if it’s on the other side of the globe — like Australia! Downloading this app will get your streaming experience connected and running faster than ever before.

Step 3: Enjoy the Show

To start your 7Plus experience, launch the ExpressVPN app, open the 7Plus application or navigate to the official Home and Away website. Now, you can binge-watch all of the current season’s episodes and a few from past ones!

With catch-up, you can enjoy the full range of episodes at your own pace. You can watch one or many in whatever order suits you best—all while taking advantage of a flexible timeline that fits your life’s schedule. With the timezone differences, you can watch what’s happening in Australia at your own convenient hour – even if it happens to be midnight Down Under!

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN supported devices


ExpressVPN are the big name in the vpn industry. They have the size and technical know-how to provide the best all-round vpn service. Their range of apps, speed of service, and customer service are legendary. Give them a go for yourself today and find out why they are the most popular vpn service provider in the world. Here are just a few features that they offer:

  • Countries - they have vpn servers in over 94 different countries around the globe.
  • Devices - they have a dedicated vpn app for just about every device you may have including: pc, mac, android, ios, linux, and routers.
  • Easy To Use - their apps are intuitive and simple to use. Get in up and running with your new vpn service in minutes not hours.
  • Data Encryption - take charge of your online privacy and security with best-in-class encryption.
  • Unlimited Speeds (i.e. no speed throtling)
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2. NordVPN

NordVPN supported devices


All NordVPN plans include the following features:

  • VPN Servers - more than 5500 ultra-fast servers in 60 countries.
  • Kill Switch - to shield your data if your VPN connection drops unexpectedly
  • Double VPN Servers - to add another layer of encryption for extra online security.
  • SmartDNS - to watch shows and movies (home or abroad) with an easy to use setup.
  • Split Tunneling - feature which allows you to choose which apps need VPN protection and which trusted apps don’t.
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What else can You watch using the VPN?

Not only is a VPN app incredibly affordable, but you can use it for so much more than just watching the summer Bay cast on Home and Away.

The 7plus service is packed with hundreds of must-watch shows, like:

  • Border Force Australia
  • Aussie Salvage Squad
  • The Good Doctor
  • Ex on the Beach
  • Seven News

With one subscription, you’ll get access to more captivating content than ever before!

Watching 7plus is one of many options. You can also discover many other networks, such as SBS On Demand, 10Play, and ABC iView, all overflowing with entertainment!

If you’re already subscribed to FoxTel Go, Stan, or other services, then it’s even possible for you to watch these shows and movies when traveling abroad.

With this in mind, you can access a plethora of Australian television content for significantly less than the cost of one of those pricey coffees from your local cafe.

Is it Legal to Use VPN Apps?

Yes, VPN apps are perfectly legal in Australia. They offer a secure connection and allow users to browse the web without worrying about being tracked. If you choose to access a geo-restricted service using VPN, it’s against their terms of service. This may result in your account being suspended or terminated.

Using a VPN app is the safest and most reliable way of watching 7Plus from outside Australia. It’s secure, simple to use, and lets you watch whatever you want – no matter where you are. So don’t miss out on all the Home and Away goodness any longer – take control of your streaming experience and get the Australian VPN app today.

Final Thoughts

To ensure your safety, invest in a reliable VPN app from ExpressVPN

Make the most of their remarkable service by taking advantage of their year package for almost 50% off, and then use the app to connect effortlessly to Australia.

With a simple connection to the 7Plus website or app, you can now enjoy watching Home and Away from anywhere in the globe!

PRIVACY ALERT: Websites you visit can see your current IP Address:

  • Your IP Address:
  • Your Location: Berry, AU
  • Your Internet Provider: Synergy Wholesale PTY LTD

* Scammers, Governments, and Advertisers can use this information to track and target you.

Our recommended vpn service provider for general all-round internet security and online privacy is ExpressVPN. It offers an excellent selection of online security and internet privacy features, excellent speed, and the ability to unblock your favorite streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer).

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