How To Watch One Piece In Order

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Even though it debuted in the 1990s, One Piece remains among the most widely watched anime series in history, with new episodes being produced and written as recently as 2017.


Since its premiere in 1999, the series has produced over nine hundred episodes, Fifteen feature films, Eight animated shorts/videos, and Seventeen television specials. They are all produced as if they are in the same world as the anime but include stories unrelated to the main plot.


If you’re still getting familiar with the anime One Piece and want to rewatch the entire series from the beginning, you may be wondering what order to watch the episodes in. This is the recommended viewing sequence for the entirety of One Piece.

How One Can Stream One Piece to Watch It in Order

You should watch the episodes, specials, OVAs and movies in this order to get the most out of the One Piece anime universe and the exploits of the featured Straw Hat Crew.


  • All eight episodes of One Piece
  • One Piece: Take Him down! A pirate named Ganzack!
  • 9 through 18 episodes of One Piece
  • The movie One Piece
  • 19 through 53 episodes of One Piece
  • Clockwork Island Adventure from One Piece
  • Adventure in the Ocean’s Navel, a One Piece TV Special
  • A film about One Piece: Jango’s Dance Carnival
  • 54–61 of the One Piece episodes
  • East Blue episode from the One Piece movie with Luffy and his four friends 
  • The Big Adventure of the Crew
  • 62 through 91 episodes of One Piece
  • Dream Soccer King from One Piece
  • Episodes 92 through 130 of One Piece
  • The Pirates of the Caribbean: The Desert Princess from One Piece
  • Chopper’s Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals from the One Piece film
  • 131–138 One Piece episodes
  • Film from One Piece: Dead End Adventure
  • The Cursed Holy Sword from the One Piece film
  • A Father’s Huge, Huge Dream Is Open Upon the Great Sea in the One Piece Film! 
  • One Piece Movie: Aim! The King of Pirate Baseball
  • 139 through 195 episodes of One Piece
  • Sky Island episodes of One Piece
  • Episodes 196 through 206 of One Piece
  • Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island from the One Piece film
  • Episodes 207 through 219 of One Piece
  • Protect! The Last Great Stage from One Piece
  • Episodes 220 through 228 of One Piece
  • Giant Mecha Soldier of Karakuri Castle from the One Piece film
  • Episodes 229 through 290 of One Piece
  • Episodes 293 through 302 of One Piece
  • Episodes 304 through 312 of One Piece
  • Episodes 291 through 292 of One Piece as well as 303, 406 and 407
  • Episodes 313 through 325 of One Piece
  • One Piece: Miracle Cherry Blossom and Bloom in the Winter from Chopper Plus
  • Episodes 326 through 429 of One Piece
  • Movie One Piece: Strong World
  • Film from One Piece: Straw Hat Chase
  • 3D One Piece! Fim Trap Roller
  • One Piece: A Dawn Story of Romance
  • Episodes 385 through 405 of One Piece
  • Episodes 408 through 516 of One Piece
  • Film One Piece: 3D2Y
  • Episodes 517 through 522 of One Piece
  • One Piece: Episodes of Nami: The Bonds of Friends and Tears of a Navigator
  • Episodes 523 through 578 of One Piece
  • Glorious Island Part 1 from One Piece
  • Glorious Island Part 2 from One Piece
  • The One Piece Movie Z
  • Luffy’s Adventure on Hand Island from One Piece
  • One Piece: Nebulandia’s Adventures
  • Episodes 579 through 625 of One Piece
  • Episodes of Merry: The Story of One More Friend from One Piece
  • Episodes 629 through 746 of One Piece
  • Episodes from One Piece’s Sabo series include “The Three Brothers’ Bond,” “The Miraculous Reunion,” and “Inherited Will.”
  • Episodes 747 through 750 of One Piece
  • Heart of Gold from One Piece
  • Episode 0 of the One Piece Movie: Gold
  • Movie One Piece: Gold
  • 1PIECE SHOWS 751 TO 896
  • Stampede from One Piece
  • Episodes 897 through 906 of One Piece
  • Episode 907 of One Piece: An Anime 20th Anniversary Special
  • Episodes 908 through 1030 of One Piece
  • Movie One Piece: Red
  • The current One Piece episode is 1031.


Episodes 1029 through 1030, which serve as a prologue, have helped us settle on the perfect viewing order for the One Piece Series Film: Red. If you watch these two episodes first, you can skip the movie’s expositional flashbacks and jump right into the action.


There’s a lot to catch up on, but One Piece’s anime canon is constantly growing, so you should start soon.

Listing the One Piece Movie in Their Order

There are presently 15 of this anime’s movies, as noted above. The order of the One Piece films is as follows:


  • The 2000 release of One Piece: The Movie
  • 2001 saw the release of Clockwork Island Adventure, while 2002 saw the release of Chopper’s Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals
  • In 2003, Dead End Adventure aired.
  • In 2004, The Cursed Holy Sword broadcast.
  • 2005 saw the release of Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island.
  • In 2006, the Giant Mecha Soldier of Karakuri Castle was shown.
  • Adventures in Alabasta was the name of the 2007 television movie starring The Desert Princess and the Pirates.
  • (2008) Chopper Plus showed Miracle Cherry Blossom, Bloom in the Winter.
  • Intense World from One Piece aired in 2009.
  • Striking a Pose, shown in 2011
  • Z from One Piece debuted in 2012.
  • Gold from One Piece was shown in 2016.
  • Stampede, a One Piece movie, premiered in 2019.
  • Red from One Piece debuted in 2022.

List of One Piece Original Video Animation (OVAs)

Currently, 7 OVAs have been released for One Piece. The order of the One Piece original video animations (OVAs) is as follows:


  • Stop Him! A pirate named Ganzack! shown in 1998
  • In 2008, Romance Dawn Story broadcast.
  • Episode 0 of Strong World aired in 2009.
  • Glorious Island’s first episode aired in 2012.
  • In 2012, Glorious Island: Part Two was shown.
  • Movie One Piece: Gold Episode Zero of the One Piece Series premiered in 2016, and ROMANCE DAWN aired in 2019 in honour of the 20th anniversary of the One Piece anime.

One Piece Specials and Shorts in Order

The current tally of One Piece media includes 18 TV specials and four shorts. This is the order in which they aired:


  • 2000 saw the release of the One Piece TV special, Adventure in the Ocean’s Navel.
  • In 2001, Jango’s Dance Carnival aired. – Brief Series
  • Dream In 2002, Soccer King aired. – Brief Series
  • Open Upon the Great Sea, a Piece Special! In 2003, A Father’s Huge, Huge Dream aired.
  • Protect! the One Piece Special! In 2003, The Last Great Stage aired.
  • Go for it! In 2004, The Pirate Baseball King aired. – Short
  • One Piece: Special Plans for the Year’s End! Captain Straw Hat In 2005, Luffy’s Detective Story first broadcast.
  • 3D in ONE PIECE!  In 2011, Special Trap Coaster aired.
  • In 2012, “Tears of a Navigator” and The Bonds of Friends were included in a Nami: episode.
  • In 2014, “Adventure on Hand Island” was included in a Luffy episode.
  • In 2013, a Merry: The Tale of One More Friend episode aired.
  • In 2014, 3D2Y premiered.
  • “The Three Brothers’ Bond” – The Miraculous Reunion and the Inherited Will – is featured in a Sabo episode. released in 2015
  • 2015 saw the release of One Piece Special: Adventure of Nebulandia.
  • Heart of Gold, a One Piece special, was broadcast in 2016.
  • 2017 saw the airing of One Piece: East Blue episodes featured Luffy and His 4 Crewmates’ Big Adventure.
  • One Piece: The 2019 edition of Sky Island was broadcast
  • Project in Support of Luffy-senpai! Barto’s Hidden Space! The Zoro and Sanji-senpai Admiring Project special broadcast in 2021! Second Barto’s Secret Room! released in 2022
  • Amazing anatomy! The Legend of Kozuki Oden! released in 2022
  • The renowned log! Shanks with red hair! released in 2022
  • A Detailed Anatomy! Fight Like Hell! The New Generation’s Top Five! released in 2022

Seasonal Filler Episodes of One Piece

Here we will provide you with every one of the filler storyline episodes and describe their purpose. The choice to view them subsequently rests solely with you. They don’t add much to the overall viewing of the One Piece manga, but they’re entertaining enough.


Episodes 54 to 61: The Warship Island- The first filler episode in One Piece’s history, this arc is not based on the One Piece anime. The filler arc has two significant flaws in the plot. 


Even though Zoro doesn’t learn how to cut steal until “Alabasta Arc,” we see him doing it throughout this episode. In this section, the crew also has an encounter with dragons. On the other hand, Punk Hazard characters react as if they’ve never seen a dragon before.


The Post-Alabasta Arc (Episodes 131 to 135)- This is a  filler arc consisting of five episodes that provide background and motivation for various members of the Straw Hat Pirates. There isn’t a solo episode for either Luffy or Robin.


On Goat Island (Episodes 136 to 138), Straw Hat Pirates help an older man named Zenny hide from marines.


Ruluka Island (episodes 139 to 143)- Unlike the manga, the Going Merry isn’t rebuilt after being swiftly destroyed by Ape’s Concert. 


The crew then dispatches the Straw Hats to Ruluka for the final repairs to the ship. After the “Alabasta Arc” in the anime, Hina attacks the Going Merry, severely injuring it.


G-8 (Episodes 196 to 206)-The longest filler arc in the series consists of 11 episodes. However, because of the compelling antagonist, this filler arc is sometimes considered the best in the One Piece series. If the duration doesn’t bother you, give this one a shot.


Ocean’s Dream Arc (Episodes 220 to 224)- is based on the PlayStation game of the same name based on the One Piece manga. The video game-inspired story arcs have ended.


Foxy Is Back (Episodes 225 to 226) – Our heroes face the Foxy pirates again during this storyline.


Lovely Land or Ice Hunter (Episodes 326 to 335)-The Accino Family, a band of bounty hunters, are the antagonists of this arc, which takes place on a frozen island.


Spa Island (Episodes 382 to 384)- features the Foxy pirates as the principal adversaries.


The Little East Blue arc (Episodes 426 to 429)- comes before the One Piece movie Strong World. Check this out if watching the film is something you’re considering.


Z’s Ambition (Episodes 575 to 578) – This arc includes a movie tie-in, as Little East Blue did. It’s the film “One Piece Movie: Z” that I’m referring to.


Ceasar Retrieval (Episodes 626 to 628)- a strange person with unique talents abducts Ceasar Clown out of Thousand Sunny.


Silver Mine (Episodes 747 to 750) – The heroes make their way out of Silver Mine in this arc, which additionally serves as the prologue to “One Piece Movie: Gold.” 


Marine Rookie storyline (Episodes 780 to 782)- Luffy and his crew make their second attempt to infiltrate a Navy base. This is a continuation of the G-8 arc.


Groupe Cidre Guide (Episodes 895 to 896) – The filler arc has the lowest number of episodes out of the series, clocking in at just two. Furthermore, this unique storyline ties in with the One Piece film Stampede.


Uta’s Past (Episodes 1029 to 1030) The filler arc lasts the same length as the Cidre guild storyline, with just two episodes. Similarly, it relates to One Piece Film: Red and focuses on the bond between Uta and Shanks.


Part 3 of the Wano Country Arc (Episodes 1031–1057)- has the Straw Hats and Luffy continuing their adventures in the Wano region.

One Piece Filler Episodes Per Episode

We’ve shown you entire filler plot arcs from One Piece, and they’re very fantastic, but what of the individual episodes? You can safely skip them because they serve no purpose in the recommended viewing order for One Piece and are only average at best. Look at these examples:


  • Usopp vs. Daddy The Father in Episode 50! Battle at noon!
  • Episode 99: The Fake Spirit! Kamyu, the Rebel Army’s beating heart!
  • Ruins and Lost Ways, episode 102! Vivi, Her Friends, and the Form of the Nation
  • Ep. 213: The third round! Roller Race around and around!
  • 214: Burning Roller Race, the episode! Enter the Final Round quickly!
  • Jump Into the Falls, episode 279! Luffy’s Emotions!
  • Episode 280: The Way of the Man! Techniques of Zoro and Usopp’s Dream
  • A Bond of Friendship Sewn by Tears is Episode 281! Map of Nami’s World!
  • Episode 282: A Man Is Roughed Up by Separation! Chopper and Sanji
  • Episode 283: For the Love of My Friends! Robin Has Darkness Within!
  • The Boss Luffy Returns episode 291! Lottery Trouble: A Dream or Reality
  • The Great Mochimaki Race to the Castle is episode 292! The Red Nose Conspiracy
  • What is the criminal in episode 303 of Boss Luffy? Track the Disappearing Great Sakura Tree
  • The Girl Seeking the Yagara in Episode 317! Excellent investigation in Water City!
  • The Mother Is Strong, episode 318! Help with Your Lame Homework with Zoro
  • Sanji Crashes, episode 336, The Unknown Old Man and Vigorous Cooking
  • Particular Historical Arc – Boss Luffy Returns in Episode 406
  • Particular Historical Arc, Episode 407: Destroy! Horror The Company’s Trap
  • Before Marineford: Special Retrospective – The Siblings’ Vow!
  • Before Marineford, a special retrospective on episode 458: Assemble! A trio of admirals
  • Episode 492: Toriko and Luffy’s Hard Fight Against The Strongest Tag Team!
  • Episode 499: The Conflict With the Massive Tiger! The captain will be chosen!
  • 542: Team Formation, the episode! Defend Chopper
  • Episode 590: Glutton of the Sea vs. History’s Strongest Collaboration
  • Episode 907: Twenty Years! Dawn Special Romance

When Considering This Context, Where Does One Piece on Netflix Fall?

In Jan 2020, Netflix made a shocking announcement. They plan to introduce Oda’s massive manga masterpiece into a live series for their streaming service. 


Since then, the production has been delayed due to a combination of factors, including a worldwide pandemic and production issues with Netflix’s existing live-action manga adaptations (in particular, Cowboy Bebop). 


Besides knowing most of the cast and having a preview poster, the only other information we have about Netflix streaming One Piece is that it will premiere in 2023.

How Will Netflix’s One Piece Anime Work With the Original Series While Being Filed as a Live-Action?

We can’t say for sure. Since the main characters begin to develop in the East Blue Saga, that’s where the adaptation will begin.


 However, that is over 60 episodes, so we anticipate the Netflix live-action series to be heavily edited to fit within the 10 to 12 episodes format. Since Oda doesn’t seem heavily involved, the One Piece series on Netflix can be safely disregarded as canon.

Where Can I Find Streams of One Piece?

The rights to stream One Piece, arguably the most successful anime ever, are worth more than a pirate’s fortune. Buying the episodes on DVD is an option, but streaming them is the most cost-effective in the long run.


In most countries, you can watch One Piece episodes on Crunchyroll shortly after they air in Japan, with full English subtitles. 


However, since Crunchyroll and Funimation merged in 2022, the dub versions are no longer available online. Once any legal roadblocks are cleared, we anticipate they will be made available on the Crunchyroll platform.

When Will We See More of One Piece?

One Piece may have no end, but every story has a conclusion. The anime series has entered its concluding saga, as hinted at by Eiichiro Oda on multiple occasions. 


At the December 2022 Jump Fiesta, he added that the festival would end “at its own suitable time,” meaning that no hasty measures would be taken. With over a thousand chapters already out, Luffy’s journey to pirate royalty could still take years.


At What Point in the Series “One Piece” Should You Begin Watching?

There’s no better place to jump into One Piece than with the first volume or episode 1. You’ll understand everything in the proper sequence. You will experience the Straw Hats evolving and growing both personally and together.

Can You Watch the One Piece Films in Any Order?

There is no official “canon” film in the series. None of them have anything to do with the manga’s plot. Strong World may be unique, but the actual event isn’t. You won’t have stories ruined, and you may watch the shows.


New cast members or events joining the anime before the adaptation (as in the Heart of Gold film) are the only ways the viewing experience might be “spoilt.”


Even though it doesn’t matter which sequence you watch them in, you should start at the beginning if you don’t want to ruin your experience by not understanding the characters.

How to Stream a Single Episode Without Skipping Around.

While most fans want to see each and each episode, some would rather cut out the fluff and go right to the action. Before deciding, weighing the pros and cons of watching the entire One Piece series or just a few episodes is essential.


No one will blame you if you decide not to watch a filler episode. They typically don’t have much of an impact on the finale of the narrative or critical characters. There is no need to watch or listen to any of the individual stories if you don’t want to.


Therefore, it is OK to skip the unnecessary episodes. However, unlike most anime, a few, if not all, of the filler episodes in One Piece are worth watching. 


Currently, 103 out of the 981 episodes airing are just fillers. With an average episode length of 20 minutes, our filler list for One Piece totals a whopping 34 hours!

To Finish One Piece, How Long Will It Take?

The average running time of a One Piece episode is twenty-four minutes. For this analysis, we will use a longer time frame. Over 1022 episodes have been watched on television by the end of June 2022. Where does it leave us?


There are 1022 episodes, each clocking in at 24 minutes, giving you 24,528 mins of content. It would take about 409 hours, approximately 17 days and less than an hour, to finish the entire series in a single sitting. (I wish you the best with that!)

Is There a Reason That One Piece Is So Lengthy?

Since it’s a weekly manga, its lifespan is limited only by its popularity and the number of readers interested. The manga’s author, Eiichiir Oda, can take all his time to finish his book and tell every narrative he wants to know since the series’ popularity continues to rise over time, not only within Japan but abroad.


An additional factor is the sheer length of Oda’s pirate epic. Thankfully, the manga’s success means that Oda can finish his plot and put out all his ideas. He has imagined an extraordinarily lengthy and huge storyline that incorporates various adventures.

When Will One Piece Be Over?

The answer, of course, is conditional on your definition of “soon.” Yes, it might end soon if Oda began his narrative in ’97, and it has been ongoing for 26 years. However, a few years will pass before that “soon” arrives, so it is not as close as you may believe.


Even though Oda claimed in 2018, he believed he had completed 80 per cent of his narrative, there was still plenty of room for alternate takes. 


He has often addressed how One Piece will finish, saying he has a finale, the original and intended ending, and plans to follow through. However, he might alter it based on widespread speculation.


We have plenty of time to soak up Luffy’s exploits in anime and manga media since he predicted in an interview in 2019 that the series may end by 2025 or 2024.


Oda remarked, “There’s no intention to wrap up the narrative anytime soon. Please be calm in 2022. It was the Final Arc, so there should be many fresh episodes.


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