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This dark psychological thriller by acclaimed director Satoshi Kon puts the viewer in the mind of protagonist Kirigoe Mima, an actress being stalked by a demented and obsessive fan. Blurring fiction and reality, this classic anime film is definitely still worth a watch today, but it can be hard to find the film on Netflix: the movie is only available in a select few regions, such as Spain. For those living outside of Spain, it’s all bad news! If you live in another location such as Australia, USA, Canada, France, New Zealand, etc, then unfortunately you’ll find that Perfect Blue is geo-blocked and you won’t be able to find it in your Netflix library.

This shouldn’t put a wrench in your plans to enjoy the series on Netflix though – by using a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, you can connect to foreign servers on the VPN network before accessing the internet from that location, fooling Netflix into thinking that you’re a user from Spain. You can use this trick to unblock any Netflix region from anywhere in the world, allowing you to watch Perfect Blue without any geo-restrictions in the way!

Quick Connection Guide: follow this quick guide to unblock Perfect Blue on Netflix Spain.

  1. Choose a VPN service. We recommend NordVPN for their great server network in Spain and proven ability to unblock Netflix.
  2. Pick a subscription plan – create an account and pay for the service online.
  3. Download the VPN program. – choose an app for your preferred device: PC, Mac, Android, iOS, or browser extension.
  4. Connect to a VPN server in Spain.
  5. You’re all set! Open up Netflix, and with your region now updated to Spain, you’ll be able to find and start streaming Perfect Blue.

Recommended VPN for watching Perfect Blue on Netflix

We only recommend NordVPN for unblocking Netflix, mainly for its consistent and proven ability to get past Netflix’s VPN detection measures. The streaming platform actively looks for and bans connections from known VPN servers, which can cripple VPNs with smaller server networks. Due to NordVPN’s huge global network of 5,200 servers, with over 60 servers in Spain itself, you can simply switch to another Spain server if the one you’re on happens to be blocked by Netflix, allowing you to continue watching Perfect Blue.

#1. NordVPN – extensive vpn server coverage in Spain

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NordVPN’s huge global server network spans across over 5,200 servers in 65 countries, giving it the ability to unblock Netflix content for many of these regions. Most importantly, it has over 60 servers in Spain, where Perfect Blue is available. This gives NordVPN an edge over its competitors when it comes to unblocking Spanish region content – not only does its many servers mean that you can always find an unblocked server to access Netflix from, it also means that users can be distributed among many different servers during peak periods, leading to faster connection speeds.

And it is this speed which cements NordVPN as the best choice for Netflix. Streaming HD video online burns up a ton of bandwidth, and a fast connection is also necessary to deliver a smooth, buffer-free video experience. Each of NordVPN’s servers are capable of 10 GBPs internet speeds, and its Nordlynx VPN connection protocol is able to provide internet speeds two to three times faster than public VPN protocols commonly used by other providers. There is also no bandwidth limit, so enjoy watching Netflix to your heart’s content!

NordVPN’s other useful features include military-grade AES 256-bit encryption, Perfect Forward Secrecy, and the ability to set up a Kill Switch, all of which help to keep your internet activity away from potential prying eyes. Their obfuscated servers also allow the service to work even in countries which restrict VPN use, such as China and Russia.

NordVPN is easy to pick up and use with its clean and simple interface, even for new users. Their customer support team is also ready 24/7 to answer any questions you might have and help you get set up quickly. Take advantage of their 30-day refund guarantee today to try the service – we think it can greatly boost your Netflix experience.

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About Perfect Blue

Kirigoe Mami gets more than what she bargained for when she quits her idol career to pursue being a serious actress full-time. In addition to the stress and difficulties from transitioning to her new job, an obsessive fan starts stalking her online, posting daily blogs on her private day-to-day activities. Who is this mysterious stalker, and why is he privy to some of the most intimate details of Mami’s life? Watch as Mami slowly descends into paranoia and mental breakdown in this award-winning anime film by acclaimed director Satoshi Kon.

Is Perfect Blue available on Netflix?

Yes, Perfect Blue is available on Netflix, but only in a few specific regions such as Spain. While Netflix regularly adds and removes shows to each region, there’s no guarantee if the site will ever make Perfect Blue available in your region. That’s why we recommend using a Virtual Private Network to change your Netflix region if you want to enjoy the movie online. We have a quick guide above teaching you how to do so easily!

Is Perfect Blue scary?

Perfect Blue is not scary in the conventional sense. It’s not a horror film, it doesn’t feature any jump scares or supernatural happenings, nor is there much violence. As a psychological thriller, the film can be disturbing at times though. The movie heavily focuses on the deteriorating mental state of its protagonist, Mami, from anxiety and stress, and some viewers might find her descent into madness disturbing.

Is Perfect Blue made by Studio Ghibli?

No, Perfect Blue was produced by another animation studio, Madhouse. While Studio Ghibli is also famous in the west for its many popular anime films, Perfect Blue is much darker and made for an older audience compared to most of Ghibli’s films.

Is Perfect Blue worth watching?

We firmly believe that Perfect Blue is a great film, and one of Satoshi Kon’s best works. The more complex themes, and Kon’s technique of frequently blurring reality and fiction within the film, might be off-putting to some viewers however, especially those accustomed to watching more straightforward, action-packed anime series. We do recommend that you give the film a try though – it’s an anime classic for a reason!

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