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VyperVPN - security audit completed

In late 2018, VyprVPN became one of the worlds first publicly audited VPN services. The audit, conducted by Leviathan Security Group, allowed the VyprVPN team to locate a few minor issues relating to security, which they immediately amended.

In addition to the improved security, VyprVPN is can now officially claim a no-logs VPN status. Now that the previous policy of storing logs for 30-days has been stripped, the Swiss-based VPN service can adamantly boast a robust VPN service that stores no trace of user logs.

This is fantastic news for VPN users in general, and especially those subscribed to the VyprVPN service. This audit means users can now put complete trust in the service keeping all of their online activities safe and completely untraceable.

What Forced the Security Audit?

VyprVPN made a statement on their website relating to the audit and the switch to being a true no-logs VPN service. It cited that the company was aware that any type of user data logging, even just 30-days, eroded consumer trust. This, in turn, drove people away from the VyprVPN service.

Since the company has successfully completed their audit which therefore proves that it is a secure, log-free service, the VyprVPN service should be back on the top of every VPN users wish list. Fast speeds, ease of use and solid security truly make VyprVPN one of the best VPNs our there, and a no-log policy is the icing on top.

Changing the VPN Industry

In the past, VPN services simply made bold security claims which often turned out to be completely false and routinely allowed the tracking of users on their services.

Considering that VyprVPN has taken such a bold move and chosen to be publicly audited, other big-name VPN services will be expected to follow suit. That’s great news for everyone. In the coming months, we will likely see other large VPNs either publicly audit their services or have some sort of policy-assurance statement released to showcase the truth behind their claims.

For more information on VyprVPN and how to sign up to the service, check out our VyperVPN review.

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