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Incognito Mode for Google Maps

Incognito Mode for Google Maps

After a tumultuous 2018 filled with numerous data leaks, scandals and other issues for the big tech companies, Google has made it clear […]

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Google’s ‘Secret’ Nest Microphone

At the beginning of 2019, Google announced its latest Nest-branded smart home devices in the form of the Nest Secure alarm system. The […]

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Google Incognito Mode - Duck Duck Go

Google’s Incognito Mode shows Personalised Search Results

The first privacy measure to which most Google Chrome users is the browser’s incognito mode. It may be, however, that this method doesn’t […]

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Google Play Store - apps banned

Google Removes 22 Apps from Play Store

Android is so huge today that even if Google claims to be able to keep 99% of the malware-riddled content away, what little […]

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how safe is chrome incognito mode

How safe is Chrome Incognito Mode ?

Turning on your browser’s incognito mode is nowhere near as safe or secure as people think. At least according to a new study. […]

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google alphabet DIY VPN service

Google Alphabet – DIY VPN Service

  As you probably already know, a VPN works as a privacy buffer between you and the internet. Simply: it does this by […]

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