NordVPN App Redesigned for iOS and macOS

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NordVPN redesign iOS and MacOS App

Last week we saw NordVPNs major UX overhaul released for both of their iOS and macOS applications. The service touted that the main driver for the update as wanting to provide the most ‘smooth and hassle-free’ experience which involved redesigning all navigation.

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Let’s take a more in-depth look at the NordVPN changes below.

Meet NordVPN 4.0 for iOS

Users will now notice that as soon as they open the new app, they’ll be greeted by a vertical card-like navigation screen. Similar to that of Apple Music’s music pane. This design was chosen as a way to make single-handed use far easier and now focuses heavily on gesture navigation.

Gesture for Server Selection

After the 4.0 update, you’ll now be able to swipe to access a whole range of things in the NordVPN service! A single swipe up will give users a look at:

Servers listed by Country
Speciality Servers
The Search Bar
The Favourites List

Smarter Server Selection

You will also notice that on the iOS app there is now a new and improved server selection process. Simply tap on a country on the NordVPN map and you will be greeted with the new ‘Country’ card that gives you a few options. You’ll be able to easily quick-connect to a server or see the best server for that location.

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Meet NordVPN 4.0 for macOS

In addition to all of the backend framework and smarter server selection features, the new NordVPN update for macOS also adds stunning design improvements as well as tweaks to the UI to make the experience a lot more streamlined. Everything runs more smoothly and program behaviour is just faster.

An Improved Sidebar

The newly developed sidebar means you’ll no longer need to search for countries and servers as they’ll already be on screen in the sidebar on the lefthand side. Also in the bottom of the sidebar is where the new Settings and Help pane are.

Instant Search Results

There’s no more NordVPN popup search. It’s been entirely redesigned and replaced by a search bar that stays in the top right of the app and provides search results immediately as you type.

Security is Improved

The final addition to the new 4.0 edition of NordVPNs mobile and desktop apps includes major security improvements. These new updates include easier VPN connections, improved kill switches as well as major improvements in Wi-Fi encryption.

One-tap Connection

To connect to a VPN on the NordVPN app it’s now effortless. A single tap of the ‘Quick Connect’ button will instantly connect you to the fastest server for your location. No more searching and testing speeds for the most reliable server. It’s just ready to go.

Improved Kill Switch

The NordVPN Kill Switch will instantly cut your internet connection the second your VPN connection drops out. This will block any attempt at identifying your online activity and leave your IP address and DNS entirely sealed from the internet.

Automatic Public Wi-Fi Encryption

Included in the VPN itself, the NordVPN public Wi-Fi encryption enables you to browse or do literally anything online on a public network without the ability to be snooped on. This way your device, your browsing activities and your data are all deeply secured by military-grade encryption. All done with a single tap.

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