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VPN service provider forced to block The Pirate Bay

As The Pirate Bay continues to be a highly contested content library across the globe, some VPNs have started being forced to block […]

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Malicious Microsoft Edge Extensions caught imitating secure VPN services 

It seems the new Microsoft Edge browser still has its fair share of security issues, with Microsoft having to strip an array of […]

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Onavo Protect VPN by Facebook

Was Facebook’s Onavo Protect VPN project ever trustworthy? More and more, the public grew restless about Facebook’s Onavo project. Read on below about […]

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How to hack a Tesla Model X in three steps

How to hack a Tesla Model X in three steps, … Or, how to steal a $100.000 car with $300 of equipment. Little pompously, […]

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Cyber Attack on Norway’s Parliament – internal email accessed

‘This has been a significant attack,’ Norwegian parliament’s (Storginet) non-elected chief administrator Marianne Andreassen said. A few weeks ago, Norway’s parliament or Storginet […]

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UAE leads with highest VPN penetration rate by country

A recent study by Atlas VPN was published wherein their team analyzed 85 countries in terms of VPN penetration for the first half […]

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Privacy features announced for the latest iOS 14

Apple has finally released the newest version of its iOS operating system, iOS 14, on Sept 16 at the Apple keynote event. iOS […]

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The role of a VPN in Business Continuity Planning

Such an unforeseen event as the COVID-19 pandemic has seen many companies working from home. The lockdown, which spelled doom for the commercial […]

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Microsoft continues to have a Subdomain Hijacking problem

If you’re one of those people with a laptop or smartphone that routinely sees countless pop-ups and intrusive ads appearing out of nowhere, […]

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