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Transport Layer Security 1.3

Transport Layer Security 1.3

After 4 years in development the advanced and greatly improved Transport Layer Security 1.3 has finally been released by the Internet Engineering Task […]

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what is the best vpn tunneling protocol ?

What is the best VPN protocol?

We all know that to enjoy a secure and risk-free internet, we need a good VPN. But not everyone understands what VPNs do […]

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TCP vs. UDP - which is best ?

TCP vs. UDP – which protocol to use for VPN Applications

Online connections use a variety of ports and protocols when devices try to communicate with each other. It might seem like an effortless […]

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VPN Protocols Explained

VPN Protocols Explained – PPTP, L2TP, SSTP and OpenVPN

Virtual Private Networks in today‚Äôs world are being adopted with increasing frequency. The importance of keeping their identity and activity hidden while surfing […]

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