Upcoming Steam Releases – 27 September 2021

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With the latest news that Valve would adapt a download-as-you play technology, Steam is slowly catching up to the features of EA’s Origin and Activision-Blizzard’s Battle.net. Soon, Steam should have all the features available from other storefronts and even those which are unique in video game consoles.

Below are the Top 10 Games that are slated to be released on Steam this week as of: Monday 27 September 2021.

Imagine in the future, you can download these Steam games ahead of their release via a VPN while actually playing them. A note on Early Access games that forms part of this list: they will also be labeled as such. Games without an Early Access label are full releases.


Momentum is a blast from the past–a racing game with the 80’s neon lights style. This TRON-themed racer also features a mode that is slowly getting phased out: split-screen PVP. Players will race against their friends in this hover car drag racing game with grapple hooks that allow for maneuvers never seen before in the genre. With Momentum’s synth-pop soundtrack and luscious graphics, prepare for some trip.



Developer Headup’s prolific portfolio continues to proliferate. Industria is a fresh take on the first-person shooter genre. This game is set in an alternative reality in East Berlin in the waning moments of the Cold War.

At the moment when the historical fall of the Berlin Wall, a woman jumps into the parallel dimension in search of her missing workmate. She must investigate the mysterious disappearance of her colleague. Industria promises to present a profound story with an atmosphere that seems to rival first-person classics like System Shock and Bioshock. The soundtrack is as bizarre as its atmosphere with synthesizers, acoustic instruments, and melancholic vocals.


Festival Tycoon (Early Access)

Festival Tycoon is a sim management game for those who want to create and manage music festivals. In Festival Tycoon, players create a festival empire from the ground up. Initial efforts would be in a field with barely any festive things. By then, the player’s reputation will only rise as bands and sponsors rush to join the fray bringing the fans with them.

Festival Tycoon allows certain realities in gameplay like haggling for rates, arranging the band lineup, and being at the service of both the bands and the attendees. The window-based UI also optimizes the entire game for a clutter-free look.


Keyword: A Spider’s Thread

Keyword: A Spider’s Thread may not have the budget of Cyberpunk 2077, it looks like it will utilize the cyberpunk theme to a great extent with challenging puzzles. This indie game puts the players in the shoes of Guo, a father with a mysterious past, who must search for her missing daughter.

Keyword: A Spider’s Thread will have a tight narrative with a singular objective: find Sala. Hack emails, scour social media, plunge into the dark web to find clues for the whereabouts of Sala. In the real world, use binoculars to stalk suspects and shady characters.


Unicorn on Unicycles

Unicorn on Unicycles is exactly what it says. In this fighting game, players are going to control unicorns riding unicycles and fight to the death. This fighting game is not just unique in its concept, it is also unique in its execution with wildly different environmental mechanics at every level. Do not be fooled by its cartoon art style, these unicorns are everything but tame.


AWAY: The Survival Series

This week is a blast with genre-bending games. Away is one of the games that blur the demarcation between different art forms. In this documentary-slash-video game, players will take the role of a young sugar glider to save his family. Flying across the map, and gliding amongst the trees in a dangerous yet beautiful environment should put this game on your must-buy list.


Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality

As the reality itself crumbles in a series of time-breaking glitches, the Thirteenth Doctor will have to wield the sonic screwdriver to fend off classic Dr. Who nemeses like the Daleks, Weeping Angels, and Cybermen. This game will have Jodie Whittaker voicing the Thirteenth Doctor as well as David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor will have a very elaborate cameo. Players should prepare themselves to confront a brand new threat to be introduced in this game.


Steel Assault

Steel Assault is a 16-bit retro beat-em-up starring Taro Takahashi, a resistance soldier in post-apocalyptic America. Aside from the usual punches, players can utilize Taro’s zipline to whip across in this stylized action platformer. This game evokes the CRT monitors and TVs of old in terms of screen resolution. This might be a good game to try on an old CRT display.


Aeon Drive

Aeon Drive is another cyberpunk-themed game this week. Set in Neo Barcelona, this action-platformer is packed with interesting gameplay mechanics like space-bending and time-bending. This game also has a four-player split-screen multiplayer if players want to enjoy this game with friends.

There are lasers, spikes, and saws, aside from the usual enemies of mindless mobs. The frantic pace and incredible art modernized retro style should entice players across all ages. Best of all, this game features a leaderboard for speedrunning addicts and high-score chasers.



Everybody’s favorite sport is back again. This year, FIFA will feature over 17,000 players and over 700 teams. There are over 90 stadiums to kick the ball around. The FIFA Ultimate Team is obviously returning given that it is the most popular mode of the game. VOLTA FOOTBALL will have its very welcome return for those who want to take the football to the streets and play with style.


Other great games releasing this week on Steam:

This week is just full of new games that are truly unique and interesting that some of them cannot make it to Top 10. Below are some of these games that any gamer worth their salt should check out. Up your gamer cred further by using VPN in your gaming sessions that should help you with better performance across the board.

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