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Opera Browser

Increase in Opera browser downloads following US Congress ruling

In the days after the US Congress voted for the revocation of the FCC’s privacy policy, Opera Software has noticed a major increase in the downloads of their VPN-equipped browser. […]

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My Mobile Secure program

Torrent websites displaying ads for My Mobile Secure program

Rogue ads on several torrent websites have tried to get iOS users to start using their VPN that’s openly collecting large amounts of information from the user’s devices. Supposedly, the […]

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Hacking attack hits 156 Emergency Sirens in Dallas USA

Hacking attack hits 156 Emergency Sirens

Citizens of Dallas (Texas, USA) have had quite an exciting night, after being alarmed by 156 emergency sirens went off around 11:40 pm on Friday night. City’s officials have stated […]

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This Website Claims to Know which Torrents You’ve Downloaded

This Website Claims to Know which Torrents You’ve Downloaded

Many people who use torrents to download content that they’re interested in should know that a website has appeared that claims to know everything you ever downloaded by using this […]

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VPN vs Proxy: Which is the Better Choice?

VPN vs Proxy: Which is the Better Choice ?

If you’re looking for a way to browse the internet anonymously, you may have considered using either a proxy server or paid VPN service to hide your identity and protect […]

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UK Cyber Attack breaches

Cyber Security Breaches Affected More Than Half of UK Firms in 2016

According to a new study, as many as 2.9 million companies bore the brunt of cyber-attacks in 2016 and suffered losses amounting to 30 billion Pounds. The study conducted by […]

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FBI launches probe into Russian election hacking

FBI Launches Three Probes into Russian Hacking of U.S. Elections

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has launched at least three inquiries into the alleged Russian hacking of the recently held U.S. Presidential elections, claim some former and current government […]

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Trump wants the Internet Surveillance Law to continue

Trump Administration Wants the Internet Surveillance Law to Continue

It looks like the Trump administration has no intention to address internet privacy concerns by reforming the internet surveillance law. On March 1, a White House official told the Reuters […]

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Hackers deface hundreds of websites hosted by UK Firm

Hackers Deface Hundreds of Websites Hosted by a UK Firm

A hacking group that identifies itself as National Hackers Agency (NHA) has hacked at least 605 websites hosted by the UK hosting company DomainMonster after gaining access to one of […]

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