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Microsoft continues to have a Subdomain Hijacking problem

If you’re one of those people with a laptop or smartphone that routinely sees countless pop-ups and intrusive ads appearing out of nowhere, then you’re not alone. In fact, the […]

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Microsoft - detects cybersecurity threats

Microsoft Detects 5 Billion Cybersecurity Threats a Month

As Microsoft tightens security across their myriad of platforms, the company has announced that each month their corporate security product, Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection, has begun to detect a […]

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Best VPN for Windows 10

Best VPN for Windows 10

The Windows 10 operating system was introduced by Microsoft in September 2014, and is considered one of the most advanced operating systems the tech giant currently has to offer. It […]

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Windows 10 security concerns

Windows 10 Privacy Concerns

Microsoft’s Windows 10 has been branded by many security analysts as the “worst spyware ever made,” and that might be an understatement. There are ways, however, to help mitigate Windows […]

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Windows 10 election day cyber attack

Microsoft releases patch to patch Windows cyber attack

Microsoft has come out saying that a hacking group which has had some links to the Russian government and involved in the US political hacks might have been the one who […]

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Best Torrent Clients for Windows

Torrenting is a vital part of internet usage and media sharing in today’s world. P2P services like torrents help people download and share digital content from the internet. Torrent clients […]

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