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Latest Firefox version – Privacy Protection

With the release of its latest browser, Mozilla’s Firefox has now baked in a tonne of new privacy and security-focused features. The most notable feature being website tracking information and […]

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Cybersecurity and VPN Statistics and Trends for 2020

VPN Use and Cybersecurity go hand in hand. With Cybersecurity becoming a growing concern for many individuals, businesses and organisations, trends heading into 2020 show an increase in VPN use […]

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DDoS Botnet Operators Arrested in China

This week, Chinese authorities have begun a national sweep of criminal groups operating DDoS services in the country. As of November, the specific botnet in question had more than 200,000 […]

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CyberGhost purchases Private Internet Access VPN for $90 Million

With the Virtual Private Network space heating up over the past year, just about all providers are looking to expand, improve and differentiate. This past week saw CyberGhost move on […]

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NBA and China’s State Media Clash on Freedom of Expression

Adam Silver, Commissioner of the NBA this week expressed his ‘apologetic’ feelings toward the reaction of Daryl Morey’s tweet on earlier in the month that touted support for Hong Kong’s […]

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Major Exploit Fixed in LastPass

It has been revealed that over the past few weeks, LastPass’s password storing service had a rather critical exploit which enabled user credentials to be exposed. With more than 16 […]

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Joker Trojan Downloaded 472,000 Times on Android

For the better part of a year, the Android world has been reeling from countless malware attacks, personal data hacks, and so many more malicious cybercrimes. This week, the Joker […]

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Texas towns struck by Ransomware Attack

As government-focused ransomware attacks continue to pick up steam, more than twenty towns in Texas were hit by a single actor targeting specific government departments. A Texas Department of Information […]

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NordLynx Protocol – improved Security and Speed

As reported this week, has unveiled a new protocol which has allowed the VPN provider to offer higher connectivity speeds without compromising security. If you’ve ever used a VPN, there’s […]

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