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Phishers are hijacking HTTPS

Phishers hijacking HTTPS

One of the most widely known ways a web user can determine if the website they’re using is safe and encrypted is to check for the small green padlock and […]

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uber - the hack and the coverup

Uber – the hack and the coverup

In October 2016 Uber allegedly concealed a hack which affected over 57 million customers. The hack exposed personal information such as email addresses and phone numbers and Uber had reportedly […]

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Chinese hackers charged by US Justice Department

Chinese nationals charged by US Justice Department

Three Chinese nationals have been indicted by the US Justice Department on Monday after it was revealed they allegedly stole intellectual property from three companies. Although normal procedure would include […]

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National Cyber Attack - a looming threat

National Cyber Attack – a looming threat

One of the most dangerous and destabilising threats to today’s modern life is Cyber Warfare. Put simply, as countries rely more and more on a computer and digital data networks […]

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reaper botnet infects networks

One million networks infected by new ‘reaper’ botnet

In September 2016 you may remember the DDoS attack by the Mirai Bot Network. The malware had infected over 2.5 million individual IoT devices to stage a DDoS attack on […]

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cloudfare announces protection against DDoS attacks

Cloudfare announces protection against DDoS attacks

DDoS isn’t a new concept. Hacker groups have been organizing distributed denial of service attacks since ages. And these groups have boosted their attacks and increased their impact and frequency […]

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unsecured wifi network

UK Residents warned about unsecured WiFi networks

In a recent statement to the press, the GCHQ National Cyber Security Centre warned UK residents about connecting to unsecured WiFi networks across Europe. This announcement comes after a slate […]

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Google Chrome extensions hijacked by hackers

Google Chrome Extensions hijacked by hackers

Proofpoint, a leader in the world of cybersecurity, has released information related to a recent hack that affected eight Google Chrome extensions – including Betternet and TouchVPN, 2 popular free […]

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Hacking attack hits 156 Emergency Sirens in Dallas USA

Hacking attack hits 156 Emergency Sirens

Citizens of Dallas (Texas, USA) have had quite an exciting night, after being alarmed by 156 emergency sirens went off around 11:40 pm on Friday night. City’s officials have stated […]

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