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Cyber Attack on Norway’s Parliament – internal email accessed

‘This has been a significant attack,’ Norwegian parliament’s (Storginet) non-elected chief administrator Marianne Andreassen said. A few weeks ago, Norway’s parliament or Storginet […]

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Phishers are hijacking HTTPS

Phishers hijacking HTTPS

One of the most widely known ways a web user can determine if the website they’re using is safe and encrypted is to […]

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Google Chrome extensions hijacked by hackers

Google Chrome Extensions hijacked by hackers

Proofpoint, a leader in the world of cybersecurity, has released information related to a recent hack that affected eight Google Chrome extensions – […]

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Hacking attack hits 156 Emergency Sirens in Dallas USA

Hacking attack hits 156 Emergency Sirens

Citizens of Dallas (Texas, USA) have had quite an exciting night, after being alarmed by 156 emergency sirens went off around 11:40 pm […]

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Hackers deface hundreds of websites hosted by UK Firm

Hackers Deface Hundreds of Websites Hosted by a UK Firm

A hacking group that identifies itself as National Hackers Agency (NHA) has hacked at least 605 websites hosted by the UK hosting company […]

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FriendFinder sites hacked

FriendFinder Networks hacked

FriendFriend Finder Networks, one of the largest companies that operate online adult hookup services have been attacked. The hackers have managed to access […]

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can your headphones be hacked

Research on how headphones could be hacked

It’s been widely known that if you are wary of being spied on with your webcam that is attached to your laptop then […]

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