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Chinese censorship and vpn services

Chinese man imprisoned for supplying VPN service

As China’s war on internet freedom rages, the latest victim of the strict new anti-VPN laws, Wu Xiangyang, has been sentenced to five years and six months prison for selling […]

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VPN Vendor Imprisoned in China

VPN Vendor Imprisoned in China

In an effort to crackdown the Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) that allow Chinese citizens to circumvent the Great Firewall of China, a Chinese man has been sentenced to 9 months […]

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Russian censorship bans VPNs

Russian Censorship Law Bans VPNs

President Vladimir Putin has signed a law that will come into effect November 1st – which effectively outlaws technology like VPNs and proxy servers that allow users to access banned […]

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WhatsApp and Chinese Internet Censorship

WhatsApp and Chinese Censorship

WhatsApp is one of the single largest messaging apps on the planet. With over 1 billion active users spread across 180 different countries, it’s no wonder that Facebook acquired the […]

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China to crack-down on VPN apps

Chinese Government crack-down on VPN apps

The Great Firewall of China just got a little bit greater. VPNs have long been one of the most useful tools for internet users in China. With the ability to […]

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Piracy Warnings sent to UK internet users

The recent attempts by authorities in the UK to send piracy warning letters to Internet users in the country is likely to fuel the demand for VPN services in the […]

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China increases Internet Censorship with Great Firewall

China increases Internet Censorship with Great Firewall

On Monday, China passed a very controversial bill which critics say it will only further tighten the restrictions which the country already has in place for the Internet. Critics of […]

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Web Browser Add-Ons to bypass Internet Censorship

Browser Add-Ons to Automatically Bypass Internet Censorship

Internet is a world in itself, where people can interact, learn, share, and create with ease and grace. The services that are available on the internet today have made life […]

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How to bypass Internet Censorship in Europe

How to bypass Internet Censorship in Europe in 2018/2019

The problem of internet filtering and censorship has been present in many countries of the world like China, Iran, etc. People of these nations cannot access basic websites and services […]

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